My Attic – Wish You Were Here (New Release – W. Winx & Flair)

W Winx & Flair - Wish You Were Here ad

New release from W. Winx & Flair, Wish You Were Here is a fun beach decor/photo prop that includes a sand base with mesh letters spelling BEACH decorated with sand and vintage beach postcards. Only 22 land impact with 7 poses that are adjustable via menu.

Only $95L now through July 31st at My Attic. My Attic‘s July theme is Summer Lovin’. All items will be 95L for the duration of the event, and will then go to regular store prices afterwards. We hope that you may join us during this time, and get some amazing bargains in the process.

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Hair: Exile – L.A. {MESH} NEW! (Available at The Arcade – June 2014)
Eyes: Amacci – Zenith Mesh Eyes – Coffee {MESH} NEW!
Head: Slink – Visage – Becky {MESH}
Skin: Adam n Eve – Taliya – Tone C NEW!
Skin Appliers: Adam n Eve
Lipstick: Adam n Eve – Taliya Lipstick Applier NEW!
Manicure/Pedicure Applier: Flair  - Applier Slink A/E –  Set 1
Hands: Slink – Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual {MESH}
Bikini: Whippet & Buck – Rita Bikini – Spots  NEW! (Currently available at  My Attic  - May 2014)
Feet: Slink – Avatar Enhancement Feet  – Flat (XXS) {MESH}
Flippers: The Secret Store – Sea Adventures – Rubber Flippers – Yellow {MESH} NEW! (Available at The Arcade – June 2014)
Snorkel: The Secret Store – Sea Adventures – Snorkel Mask – Mint {MESH} NEW! (Available at The Arcade – June 2014)
Octopus: The Secret Store – Sea Adventures – Paul the Octopus {MESH} NEW! (Available at The Arcade – June 2014)
Fishing Net: The Secret Store – Sea Adventures – Fishing Net  {MESH} NEW! (Available at The Arcade – June 2014)
Turtle: The Secret Store – Sea Adventures – Tiffany the Turtle {MESH} NEW! (Available at The Arcade – June 2014)
Seagull: The Secret Store – Sea Adventures – Choco The Seagull {MESH} NEW! (Available at The Arcade – June 2014)
Crab: The Secret Store – Sea Adventures – Sebastian the Crab {MESH} NEW! (Available at The Arcade – June 2014)
Starfish: The Secret Store – Sea Adventures – Patrick the Starfish {MESH} NEW! (Available at The Arcade – June 2014)
Beach: Studio Skye   {MESH}
Trees: Studio Skye {MESH}
Plants: Studio Skye  {MESH}
Poses: Tuty’s
Posestand/HUD/Studio: VR Studio by VR Foundry


Enjoy … a one hour loop –> ♪ Fleetwood Mac – Albatross

Pose Fair 2014 – W. Winx & Flair

Pose Fair 2014 just opened, and features over 80 stores each featuring new items.   W. Winx & Flair collaborated to bring two fairy nature themed pose props, a Fairy Flower Swing, and Fairy Waterlily Pond.

W. Winx & Flair - Fairy Flower Swing

The mesh Fairy Flower Swing features 8 custom made poses, and comes with it’s own grass base to fit into your garden. It’s modifiable via menu so you can adjust your avatar, or even open it up and take the poses out to use with your pose stand if you like. Included are four different wings to wear if you need wings! The permissions are Copy/Mod/No Transfer.
W. Winx & Flair - Fairy Waterlily Pond
The Fairy Waterlily Pond features 8 custom poses, 5 of which are sits for each lilypad, and 3 fairy flying poses. Included are complimentary fairy wings, and it also includes a pond with water in case you don’t already own one. The poses are in the main waterlily plant, and it’s not attached to the pond so you can place it in your own pond or linden water. The permissions are Copy/Mod/No Transfer.

Pose Fair runs April 19th – May 3rd, 2014. The theme for the fair is a fun out of this world galaxy theme, the whole fair is black, so set your windlight/daylight settings to the region settings default, and enjoy. All vendors are set to all bright so you won’t miss a thing!

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New Release @ W. Winx & Flair – Fairy Ring

W. Winx & Flair - Fairy Ring - Vendor

The W. Winx & FlairFairy Ring is designed to be used with your existing nature setting. The grass bottom should fit into your land and be sunk down so that your grass becomes the path the fairy dance in. This helps create continuity between this and your landscape. It’s also modifiable so you can change the grass texture if you like as well.

54 Land Impact
100% Mesh
7 Custom Poses

Currently available for $95L at My Attic .
The theme for this session is “Playing” The stores involved have created wonderful items for the event, and each item is only 95L during the ten days.
My Attic @ The Deck will run from March 21st until March 31th. So please come by and visit us.

New Release at W. Winx & Flair for My Attic ~ My Favorite Things

In collaboration with Sasy Scarborough of Flair, W. Winx has released 3 items for My Attic. My Attic is a themed event that takes place bimonthly. This month’s theme is “My Favorite Things” and the wonderful designers participating have done a wonderful job of creating items that fit that theme for them.
W. Winx - Fairytales Poses & Prop - Vendor Image
One of my favorite things are fairy tales, and in particular the story Queen Cat.  I collect Queen Cat variations, with my favorite being one illustrated by Adrienne Segur.  I included that title when I made the Fairy Tales pose prop to represent my favorite things.  It’s a collection of fairy tale titles, featuring 4 texture themes, and 5 custom made poses.  On top of the books you have two fairy inspired poses, and on the sides as book ends a lean and a push, plus another fairy princess pose in front of the books.  This item could be anything from a pose prop to a fun thing to stick at the back of your garden, I did try to make sure when worked out my colors that it would suit a nature environment if that’s just the case, which is perfect with its land impact of 5.

W. Winx & Flair - Papier De Mode - Vendor Image

Another favorite thing of mine, are books and journals, and paper, combined with a love of fashion editorial photography and fashion ad campaigns. I created this Papier de mode pose prop that’s simple yet dramatic. Useful for lingerie, fashion forward, to formal wear. I’ve provided two versions, one with printed words on some of the pages, and another that is a simple paper texture. Included are 6 custom made poses, and it features a land impact of 16.

W. Winx & Flair - WinxBox - Les Diamonds - Vendor Picture

The Les Diamond WinxBox is symbolic of another love of mine, Kpop- especially Kpop videos.  I’m a Gen X’er who was there that magic day when MTV started it’s broadcast, and played it’s first video. I was glued permanently to MTV for 8 years. The short world of a video, and the art of video making with its lyric based imagery and concepts has always been a favorite, which I thought I had outgrown or grown bored with until I discovered Kpop. Sasy and I inspired by Kpop littered a WinxBox with diamonds as props, and added a fun modern background in two colors, black and white. A pole on a diamond for a little added variation, and 7 custom poses. Sasy wanted to name it Diamonds Are Forever, but all I could think of when I saw it was Les Diamonds a nod to the Les Girls, from The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.

My Attic’s latest session runs January 21st through 31st. The theme for this session is ‘My Favorite Things’ and the designers, and guest designers participating have created beautiful items based on what that theme means to them. A selection of fashion, hair, poses, accessories and props available. I hope you will join us for this event at The Deck. All items will be $95L for the duration of the event, and will then go to regular store prices afterwards. Stop by My Attic to see the many items that are available.     Teleport: My Attic

Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland

Sasy installed an ice skating rink at The Deck, so thankfully The Secret Store had me covered.  These Mint Polka Dot Ice Skates which are currently available at The Arcade and my Sarah Coat Dress in mint currently at Collabor88 are offerings for December. The skates are well done in mesh, and come in a cute variety of styles, and feature an AO as well. Play the gatcha machines at The Arcade for your chance to score this pair.  Click here to see the other skates, and items available at The Arcade.  The Sarah Coat Dress has a variety of colors and is a perfect little feminine coat for the first snow.  The Sarah Coat Dress is available in 8 colors, click here to see more about Collabor88 this month.

I’ve paired my The Secret Store goodies with Izzie’s Mesh Ear Muffs in a matching mint, they’re cute and available in 20 colors to mix and match into your winter wardrobe. I’m also wearing Izzie’s Lucie skin in Sunkissed, with raspberry lipstick, and silver eyeshadow.  I love that she has the cutest freckles, and on layer for body and face. I’m also wearing Izzie’s White Tights layered under my leggings.  TuttiFruitti made my leggings, and they are available in a variety of colors, I am wearing Color Pack 3 which features a variety of pastel colors via HUD.  I love the detail of texture on these.  I’m also wearing Fishy Strawberry’s Faux Fur Stole in white, it’s mesh and available in a variety of natural and colored furs. I felt it was perfect to keep warm with while skating. Adam n Eve recently released glove appliers for the Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands, these are the Broderie Anglais featuring a delicate eyelet pattern.  Also available at Adam n Eve leather, and opera gloves, perfect for winter, and formal wear. I’m wearing Wasabi Pills Mila hair in Gingerbread, its a cute short bobbed hairstyle, and I love this shade.

Hair:  Wasabi Pills – Mila – Gingerbread {MESH}
Eyes: Amacci  - Gaze Eyes – Steel
Lashes: LeLutka  – 2011/Curl
Skin: Izzie’s – Lucie Skin- Sunkissed
Makeup: Izzie’s – Lipstick – Raspberry
Makeup: Izzie’s – Lucie Eyeshadow – Silver
Makeup: Izzie’s – Lucie Freckles – Sunkissed (body + face)
Hands: Slink – Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual {MESH}
Glove Applier: Adam n Eve – Gloves Broderie Anglais – White NEW!
Earmuffs: Izzie’s – Mesh Earmuffs – Mint {MESH}
Stole: Fishy Strawberry – Faux Fur Stole – White {MESH} NEW!
Coat: The Secret Store – Sarah Dress Coat – Mint {MESH} NEW! (Currently available at Collabor88 – DEC/2013)
Leggings: TuttiFrutti – Wool Mesh Legging – Color Pack 03  {MESH}
Socks:/Tights: Izzie’s – White Tights
Skates: The Secret Store – Ice Skates – Mint Polka {MESH} NEW! (Currently available at The Arcade – DEC/2013)
Poses: Di’s Opera
Ice Rink: What’s Next {MESH}
Posestand/HUD/Studio: VR Studio by VR Foundry {MESH}

New Release @ W. Winx!

WinxBox - Snow Cardinals

My Attic just opened for the November 2013, the theme for this edition is Baby, It’s Cold Outside. This WinxBox was a collaboration between my store (W. Winx), and Sasy Scarborough of Flair!  This WinxBox is Snow Cardinals, a winter theme of bare branches, blue sky, and bright red cardinals against snow, to make you “pop” in your photos. It’s all mesh with a land impact of 29! There are six custom made poses included inside, and an adjustable menu to help customize to your height, and where you want the pose to be. The Snow Cardinals WinxBox is currently available at My Attic, for the limited time price of $95L until November 30th, after that it’s available full price on marketplace and in W. Winx mainstore.  Demo available at the My Attic event, and outside of mainstore.

My Attic’s latest session runs November 21-30th. The theme for this session is ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ and the designers, and guest designers participating have created beautiful items based on what that theme means to them. A selection of fashion, hair, poses, accessories and props available. I hope you will join us for this event at The Deck. All items will be $95L for the duration of the event, and will then go to regular store prices afterwards. Stop by My Attic to see the many items that are available. Teleport: My Attic

Flowers In My Attic

Flowers In My Attic

My Attic just opened for the September 2013, the theme for this edition is Flowers In My Attic.  An inspirational way to close out the summer season and move into autumn. The inspiration translated into items at My Attic is interesting across the board.  Baiastice released this beautiful mesh corset shown here in Rose. The detailing, and embellishments are refined and classic. My rabbit head mask from Picnic, which is featured at Designers United 5, it’s a beautiful little thing, it also comes with a male version, and a stand version for home decor. My shoes are Slink’s Margot Ballet Slippers for their Avatar Enhancement Bare Feet.  This version contains a hud to toggle the straps.

W. Winx/Flair!- WinxBox - FIMA (Flowers in My Attic) - My Attic event Sept 2013

My background is my own creation for the My Attic event, the FIMA Flowers In My Attic WinxBox. A tiny attic with texture change walls, texture change cushions, and pillows. There are 2 poses in the stairs, featuring someone walking up the stairs, and another person to look over the bannister. The hanging seat has 4 poses, the stacks of books also contain a pose, as do the scatters letters.  Included are two books stacks, one in a rustic autumnal color scheme and another in pastels. This WinxBox was a collaboration between my store (W. Winx), and Sasy Scarborough of Flair!

Mask: Picnic – Rabbit Head  {MESH} NEW! (Currently available at Designers United 5)
Skin: Izzie’s – Kaelyn – Fair
Hands: SLink  - Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual  {MESH}
Feet: SLink – Avatar Enhancement Bare Feet  {MESH}
Skin Appliers: Izzie’s – Fair
Manicure/Pedicure Applier: Flair  –  [Flair ]
Corset: Baiastice  – Lingerie Corset – Rose {MESH} NEW! (Currently available at My Attic – Sept2013/Flowers In My Attic)
Shoes: SLinkMargot Ballet Slippers – Rose {MESH}
Prop/Backdrop:  W. Winx &  Flair – WinxBox – FIMA (Flowers In My Attic {Partial MESH} (Currently available at My Attic – Sept2013/Flowers In My Attic)

My Attic’s September session runs through to September 30th. The theme for this session is ‘Flowers In My Attic and the designers, and guest designers participating have created beautiful items based on what that theme means to them. A selection of fashion, hair, poses, accessories and props available. I hope you will join us for this event at The Deck. All items will be $95L for the duration of the event, and will then go to regular store prices afterwards. Stop by My Attic to see the many items that are available. Teleport: My Attic

New Release at My Attic – W. Winx & Flair WinxBoxes

W. Winx & Flair - WinxBox - Change Chic

My Attic just opened, and Sasy Scarborough and I collaborated again on two WinxBoxes in the ‘Change’ theme.  These mini dressing rooms are available in two styles, Chic, and Funk, with custom unique poses for each box, and texture change walls.  The boxes are mesh featuring a very low land impact, and access control for you, your group, or anyone. Both boxes are on display for demoing at My Attic.

W. Winx & Flair - WinxBox- Change Funk

My Attic’s April session runs through to April 30th. The theme for this session is ‘Change’ and the designers, and guest designers participating have created beautiful items based on what that theme means to them. A selection of fashion, hair, poses, accessories and props available. I hope you will join us for this event at The Deck. All items will be $95L for the duration of the event, and will then go to regular store prices afterwards. Stop by My Attic to see the many items that are available.

Teleport: My Attic

Adorkable @ Pose Fair 2013

Pose Fair 2013 has begun and there are so many great stores involved. Adorkable has several new sets of poses available, I’m featuring two poses from them. Adorkable is a unique pose maker who includes a mirrored version of each pose. This photo was done using Grace 1 and Grace 1m. In theory I could have created this photo by mirror myself in photo editing software, however, what if I wanted to do a location shot, with two avatars….mirrored poses for the win. I like the idea of mirrored poses as many times I will want to use a pose but because of what I am wearing it just doesn’t suit the post, but the mirror will. Check out the other pose sets at Pose Fair 2013.

Twin Grace

I’m wearing Doll COCO’s mesh ball-jointed doll avatar. This avatar body is free and comes in two skin tones, Snow, and Cacao. You can choose from a number of unique mesh heads as a separate purchase for a custom look, as well as mesh clothing, and costumes specifically made for the doll. She also has accessories like hats, helmets, even bat wings, animated insect wings, and monster feet are available. Join her free group and click the vendor at the store to get your starter body. The body has several body options, with or without lingerie, and ‘smooth’ option with no genital details, and a default version with nipple areolas and full genitals. After purchasing a Head for the body, you can wear it in place of the White Cap that tops the doll body. The head also includes a wearable teardrop, and a head with closed eyes. The dress comes with two necks in the skin tones, I didn’t need them, and the boots with two skin color options. I removed my doll feet to wear them.

Avatar: Doll COCO – Body – Snow (FREE)
Hair: KIK - Susanna – Coffee
Head: Doll COCO - Head – Lena
Dress: Doll COCO - Classic Dress – Black-Stripe
Shoes: Doll COCO - Button Boots – Black
Poses: aDORKable -  Grace 1 & Grace 1m (Currently Available at Pose Fair 2013)
Posestand/Studio: VR Studio by VR Foundry
Stock Image:  Roche By Cajsa Lillehook - (SL Stock Image Flickr Group)
Thug Bunneh is thug
For this photo I am wearing Doll COCO’s gift Rabbit Avatar. This rabbit looks so serious, it’s just adorable. Its a free gift, right next to another free gift of Wizard of Oz themed mesh characters, and a mesh Dorothy avatar. This rabbit also comes with a camouflage jacket. I’m showing off the cute Whimsy 2m pose from the Whimsy post set. I loved how even more defiant the bunny looks with it.

Avatar: Doll COCO - Rabbit Avatar (GIFT!) [Make sure you take the Slurl I provided, or you will be at a different location that doesn't have the rabbit out]
Poses: aDORKable -  Whimsy 2m (Currently Available at Pose Fair 2013)
Posestand/Studio: VR Studio by VR Foundry
Stock Image: SL-Backgrounds-Parkland-Calas Galadhon-_011 by Whimsy Winx - (SL Stock Image Flickr Group)

PS if you are looking for the gift Bat Wings, they are located at this location.   This is also were the new bodysuits, slip dress, insect wings, etc are.  Careful there is a body priced at $450 here, I believe its the newer model.  If you are looking for the clothing, more heads, and free body, rabbit, and wizard of oz characters they are at the DOLL COCO location I listed in my credits instead.

Erare Project

Erare Syrene Flora 1592x2408

The creators of Celoe and LeLutka recently released these stunning mesh mermaids called The Erare Project.  The mermaids consist of a variety of body parts to transform you from human to siren.  There are eight in total, each more beautiful than the next. Flora is a lovely bottle green that provides camouflage.  Fury is predominately red, with some tones of gold and orange and stands out brilliantly. Pretense is a darker mermaid with lavender, midnight, and prussian blues that mimic the deeper depths. Mercy is soft and lovely tones of subdued pinks, corals, and golds.  Ghost is muted tones of coral, nude, sea green, and pale gold. Glory are muted, and deep tones of red, gold, and browns. Spire is a beautiful black, that really stands out dramatically. Foam blends into the waves, with silvery blues, and muted lavender.

Erare Composite 7a

The hair is stunning, the concept is incredible, and it moves with perfection. Included are mesh eyes that are eerie and beautiful.  They’re modifiable so you can custom fit them.  There is a layer to add a shimmer to your exposed skin, and another for your torso that is the main torso color with added detail to the breast bone area. There are two types of breast adornment, one more modest than the other. I’m wearing the full version.  There are also several other mesh fin and kelp attachments for various looks, in my photo I am wearing all of them. Mesh hand/claws give a nice look, and give the impression you could really grasp a fish, or defend yourself with them. The tail is very long, giving a slim elongated form balanced out nicely by the caudal tail fin. The tail itself moves nicely with the body, and comes with tail angle HUD that allows you to move it in a variety of degrees to suit your mood.  They’ve also included an AO for movement with lovely animations, it’s modifiable allowing you to customize it further if you own more mermaid animations. Various parts are rigged to move perfectly with the body as need, others are left unrigged to allow you to modify them for a perfect fit.  This design was not only beautifully executed, but well thought out. The Syren’s are available on a barge in the waters just off of the city area of Mayfair.  Nearby them is a group gift of a lovely necklace made with them in mind.

If you are looking for more ways to add to your merlife, some of my favorite finds over the years are Kami-Hitoe’s Dramatic Seas AO2.  This ao has been my basic mermaid ao for years. It features lovely movement, ground sits, and my favorite hover, and crawl animations. Sala Snook, the designer at Kami-Hitoe makes a variety of mermaid ao’s, and items, all are worth checking out. My most amusing item from Kami-Hitoe is the mermaid fish bowl. Another favorite mermaid resource I’ve used is Creative Insanity’s Mermaid AO, it has beautiful ‘stands’ that move your body about in a very wide range. I have used both of the ao’s with the Erare mermaid and they work perfectly with them.  Check around the grid for more mermaid items, if you are looking for some cool additions to your own mermaid spot try SL’s Marketplace  for decor, homes, sea life, waves, rocks, surrounds, and plants. There is a wide variety of items that would be perfect to create your mer-paradise.  If you want to play, I recommend Mittandraland Mermaid Haven…watch out for the nets and mines. Thanks to Nei Ruffino aka `ToolKitten from DeviantArt whose stock images, stock_ocean_2 & stock_ocean_6,  I used for these photos.  I also used a variety of free textures for overlays etc from Insight Designs.

Skin: Tuli - Helen – Pearl 01
Mermaid: erare - syren – Flora {MESH} NEW!  [syren marketplace listings]
Pose: Ma Vie
Props: erare – syren – package – unboxed

Composite Photo:
Skin: Tuli - Helen – Pearl 01
Mermaid: erare - syren  {MESH} NEW!  [syren marketplace listings]
Pose: Ma Vie’s Follow Me Down pose pack, Hopscotch’s Say Feesh pose pack, Kami-Hitoe’s Dramatic Seas AO2