Blog Mission Statement of Sorts

I really have no idea where I will go with this personal blog of my SLife. There will be frequent posts of clothing to be sure, but not like other blogs. I’m not a reviewer. I don’t think. I don’t plan on doing at all maybe, I do think I will talk about things I have found while shopping, things that have caught my eye, and wanderings. If you wanna drop yummy things on me, I won’t say no though and I probably would show it off…cause thats how I roll. Fashion, Home & Garden, and Exploring, are my favorite things in Second Life outside of building, which has become such a large part of my SLife. In regards to Fashion, this is not going to be the place to check for the latest and greatest…maybe. Just like my flickr Virtually Dressed folder it’s a means to play with my wardrobe. I obsessively shop certain store because ‘my eyes got ‘tached to it”. It’s art, I can’t help that. If you find your store presence lacking in my wardrobe, I either haven’t been there, haven’t been there in a while, don’t care for it, or can’t obsessively shop at your store until I have acquired enough from other stores I do that to. I’m just funny like that. Also remember at the end of the day-I suffer from Etcha-a-Sketch head. One shake and it’s all gone. Did I mention I run on, and am prone to tangents, and randomness?


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