Coat Mixup

Coat Truth When I rezzed this past January, I was dying for a coat. The only one I could find with my limited newbie skills was Casa del Shai‘s Ruby Shearling Coat. Fortunately, it got me through last winter, and I am so pleased to see the flood of coats out there in SL now. There are amazing coats out there this season, Designs by Cleopatra‘s Revolution Coat, artilleri‘s kats meow coats, and the Gypsy Coat from Truth which opens in front, making it a nice year round cozy jacket. Coats have been blogged about all fall, and it’s nice to see the variety now. But as great as that is, I have obsessively taken to a couple of coats, and worried whether or not it was a good investment wardrobe-wise or just following the latest fad. I think I am lucky in my choices, and my closet is full of many different coats for the many occasions one comes across in our virtual lives.

at left: Hair: TRUTH-Gypsy [Carrot]; Skin: Celestial Studios-Vogue-Cashmere-Smoky Pack-Muted Eyes (Jade-Smoky) Freckled; Coat: TRUTH=-Gypsy Coat [Coal]; Shirt: PixelDolls-Wraith Top-Ocean Jade; Pants: Last Call-Mischa-Mischa Distressed Jeans; Boots-PixelDolls-(LunaViola) Scrolls Boot-HUD Colorable (18 colors)–Photo best viewed inworld through the web tab in my profile.

What is even better then a plethora of coats, are the multi uses made out of them. The Champs Elysees Coat from Oxymore is a nice one as it comes with two lengths of coat skirts, and long pants, with a cuff option. Paired with other items you can really get a lot of wear and slightly different looks with it. CoatsHair:CAKE-Europa-Copper; Skin: Celestial Studios-Vogue-Cashmere-Smoky Pack-Muted Eyes (Brown-Smoky) Freckled; Coat: Oxymore-Champs Elysees Coat; Pant 1: Oxymore-Champs Elysees Long Pants; Pant 2: Celestial Studios-Khaki Cords; Boots-PixelDolls-(LunaViola) Scrolls Boot-HUD Colorable (18 colors)

But why should a coat remain a coat when it’s great as a long sleeve shirt, take away the other elements and the base can stand on it’s own as a valuable part of your wardrobe.

Coat Mix Hair: CAKE-Europa-Copper; Skin: Celestial Studios-Vogue-Cashmere-Smoky Pack-Muted Eyes (Brown-Smoky) Freckled
Picture 1-Accessory: Last Call-Nastassja-Feather Boa; Coat: artilleri-kats meow “leo”; Skirt: Paper Couture-Leather and Wool Skirt

Picture 2-Jewelry: Glitter Girls-Onyx Double Strand Set; Accessory: Indyra Originals-Armada Cuffs; Coat: artilleri- kats coat yellow; Skirt: Casa del Shai-The Novelle Librarian-Leatherbound Skirt Ore

Picture 3: Accessory: artilleri kat’s coat black fur collar and cuffs; Coat: Oxymore-Champs Elysees Coat; Pant: Vitamin Ci-Liz Cocoa Pants

I can, with the right skirt, do a lot with a standard coat jacket. Keep in mind the best skirt to use is a system skirt layer. Prims skirts and glitch pants won’t work as the non prim base is on the jacket layer, unless you happen to find a prim skirt from the same designer in the same shade. I love my coats and hope to get a lot of use from them, I don’t even own a RL coat, as I RL live in the tropics, so I can get my coat fetish in SL.

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