Entama While taking photos for the topic I had planned to blog next, and am putting off for a bit, I came a strange folder in my inventory. I picked this up in some sim somewhere that seemed to be a hub for Asian newbies to stop and grab some freebies. This is a full avatar pack called Entama-Musume, comes complete with hair, skin, shape, eyes, clothes, and cool accessories like helmet, jetpack, and skateboard. Some of which are scripted, but I have never played with them–I’ve learned to be cautious when playing on my sky platform at 700m. Wondering what else the designer made, I checked the edit box for the creator and found she had a skin store. Intrigued by the lovely skin ad she has, in the mood for fun after trying on this avatar, and wanting to know more I went to investigate her skin store.

Surprise! Surpise! The teleport brings me to a box in the sky where only weeks ago I tp’d into after someone reported in the Fashion Emergency group about some new skins at a reasonable price. I wasn’t the only one that day to come investigate that day. Grazia Horwitz, who declared a short while ago, that skins were the new black had come as well.

All of the skins and a few avatars are done by ChicoTan Sperber, with more avatars for sale by uRieL Soothsayer. The Building is a dual purpose shop the content from uRiel Soothsayer being sold under the RoBot RoCk InC business name. Christyna Voom of:+:PureMAG Aoba Shop:+:, has a vendor here, selling the cutest bottle cap beanie hats, and whatnot. Her creations can also be found at :+:PureMAG Aoba Shop:+:, in Aoba, check her profile for a teleport.

ChicoTan has 9 series of Skins for females, and three for men. All include a shape, and the skins are MOD so you can change the tone. Individually they run $800 per skin/makeup, with a fat pack of 6 for $3500, demos are $1. I grabbed some demos that I liked, and here they are: Special Skin #009-only comes in this one skin, #001, #002, #006, #008 all shown here in brown and pink lipstick’s.






Avatars by ChicoTan, are available, a very cool one for $700-T2 skin, includes eyes, shape and skin, and can be purchased in one of 5 colors. Great av, but for robot fetishists, it’s gonna look silly with the X3 cock from xcite. I suppose it would make you a cyborg then, whatever. Male and Female Tintable Henley’s $77.

RoBot RoCk InC -carries some fun avatars for a reasonable price, pink and blue frogs fully animated for $300, Oversized Scissor Hands Suit $100, Scripted beer taps for $200, to a Minion of Shadows Avatar for $150, I picked up a Chicken for $1, that lays eggs. Gary being a big breakfast in bed type guy, I though this would help out with the household budget if we just kept a chicken. Sonic the Hedgehog avatar is animated and runs $50. The coolest thing I saw was an avatar that reminded me of the cat like robot vehicles in Voltron of my youth, these are called SaberTiger’s for $300 and other av’s can ride you.

Second Life is very much a trip down the rabbit hole, a simple photoshoot can turn into an expedition. You never know what you are going to find as there are so many residents out there creating content. I think it pays to be an explorer of sorts, but I think by nature Second Lifer’s are a curious bunch. We found SL, we stayed, we acquired skills. Our brains know the next bit of eye candy is around the corner, or a tp away.

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