Breathe Deep-Seek Peace

Breathe Deep Seek Peace When Milli Santos created the Ginny Talamasca memorial at her place, and offered it for the community to leave something in remembrance, I rushed over and put in a gazebo from a series I had been working on all fall. At the time, I didn’t know why it had to be that piece, but looking back I now know why.

When I first started making them, the fall collections had come out, and I was always here in my studio designing them while wearing my new Last Call and playing around with the outfits, and almost exclusively all of them Last Call cause I have a teeny little obsession problem with the store. When building this one, I had a picture in my head of how it would look when finished. In my mental picture there was a woman standing near it wearing a dress from Last Call. It wasn’t finished yet, so I raced across the grid to grab what I needed for it, and came back upset and empty handed because I could only focus on the dress, then it occurred to me what was missing. I went to my patio and ripped out the roses I had purchased for this series from another temporary design, and went back to the studio. I then titled it with the only thing I could think of as comfort for a title, rushed over and dropped it on the site. Breathe Deep, Seek Peace.

It’s a Dinotopian saying from the Dinotopia books by James Gurney. A few years ago one of my daughters had chosen it as her book for a school project. A report and diorama. It turned into an immense project, with even the report being submitted in English, and translated into the Dinotopian language. She learned the values represented by the Dinotopian culture, and I through her seemed to memorize them at the time, and one thing has always remained. Breathe Deep-Seek Peace. In the worst of times, this is the only thing you can do sometimes.

The Cloister

I was really overwhelmed when Milli IM’d me about it recently. She loved it and wanted to buy it. I came over and set it for sale for her. My first official sale. Sad and happy at the same time. She kindly let me set another gazebo, The Cloister, at another location at Stern and set it for sale.

Thank you Milli, I have been really dragging my heels, and almost avoiding some of the work I need to be doing. I am glad you liked it. I wanted something special, and it’s perfect. Thank you too for giving us a place we can express our appreciation for an inworld artist who delivered what so many men fail at…we felt beautiful.


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