Tag! I’m IT!

Sasy Scarborough I AM going to remember this.

Ok, blog tag rules:

1. Ya gotta post (on your own blog) 8 random facts about yourself.
2. Ya gotta tag 8 more people to post, so post their names at the end of your blog post!
3. Be sure to leave a comment in your taggee’s blogs so they know they’re tagged!!
4. Be sure to post these rules in your own post so your victims know what to do!!


Whimsy Winx

8 Random Things About Me

1. When I was 17, I broke my ankle so badly I was in a wheel chair. I actually smashed bones into nothingness. I can never rollerskate or any type of skating ever again. Ok…I was drunk…the brakes failed, and I discovered that I was riding a bike that was too tall for me as I had mounted it while standing on a curb. I then walked .5 miles home on it. A month later I convinced my dr. that I was healed enough to be allowed to visited a friend at her college for the weekend, where I met the most incredible guy and had the dirtiest se….whoops.

2. I wanted to be a Roller Derby Queen when I was 10.

3. I can “jump” a 12 ft fence in white stilettos, run three miles, to avoid getting busted for skipping school, and do serious damage control when family members “thought” they saw me. Can Ferris Bueller do that…in heels?

4. In the 6 degrees of seperation game, I am one away from Madonna, and two from the Queen Elizabeth of England, and one away from Princess Michael of Kent.

5. I am afraid of success.

6. I am currently recovering from fractured rib/cartiledge. Kick scooter-Thanksgiving break. Don’t ask.

7. When I was in preschool my teacher had to have my parents stop teaching me foreign languages, as I had integrated them into one hybrid language. Le elephante ist blau, und eine flor es the couleur rojo.

8. I am 1/8th Comanche. I resent being pulled continuously out of my 6th grade class to attend the mobile “Indian School”, for a couple of hours a week, where I was taught Ojibwa, Cherokee, and Iroquois culture, btw the Iroquois is not one but more then one nation of peoples. Could have been worse, I wasn’t the Blackfoot in class, who was full blooded and actively involved in his own nations cultural affairs. I appreciate the kind citizens who established the social programs in hopes of saving our cultures, but..get a clue. I learned something though. I learned shame, and learned to be thankful for my “other” heritage which gave me pale skin, and freckles, so I was able to disconnect from this, rather then be forced to embrace a culture that is not my own, and hand that down to my children. It would be like sending a 6th grade American kid of Italian descent to special classes to learn about French and Portuguese 18 and 19 century culture. Cause they are like..all Euro..ya know.

I tag….

1. Una Ewing 2. JennyH GossipGirl 3.

Aphrodite Outlander I have Caliah Lyon as an alternate.

In other news: I have created a new SL flickr group just for showing a little skin. lol not like THAT! Dirty minded thing you! No like…your blogged skin demos, or your ads that you designers have tucked away in your flickr, etc. Silly you. Come post your photos. YES ALL THE SKIN PHOTOS in your flickr! Nothing cooler then DEMO stamped on your head. Second Life Skins


10 thoughts on “Tag! I’m IT!

  1. O my god! Been tagged so many times. Milla, I see yu have been hit again! I am at acknowledgement stage now. My 8 things are done. ;-p

  2. LOL, I wonder how long it will take before we have tagged ourselves around and back again… in a couple of months maybe

  3. Hey mommy im in stagecraft and i need graphics for a powerpoint on theatres nd i need something tre cute and girly got any?

  4. Have you tried the Microsoft website? They have a lot of graphics you can download for various programs, do a tutorial there too while your in class. Or dammit is this due today?

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