I have a skeleton in my closet

The Closet

The Fashionista Closet by Dominus Skye

I am afraid of my closet.


It’s scripted, that’s why!

In theory I will be able to put all my COPY clothing items in it, and be able to access them anywhere on the grid via HUD. I am overwhelmed by it as I am a script phobic. But I am determined to use it. Thus far it sat in my inventory for a bit, then I rezzed it in my bedroom. Now that I have adjusted to it’s presence in my life, I need to be brave and load it. I plan on documenting this on my blog, each little step along the way from here, to my first outfit ordered from it on while away from home. But for now….I’m still scared of it. Even though it’s cute.

TP to Sparkle Skye’s Allure store, it’s to the right.

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