WHOOPS! I deleted my Age Verification post.

I am really pissed off as I was getting ready to post another entry and hit the wrong button, and my age verification entry went bye bye.

Sorry folks.

basically it went like this…I did it..

I’m American so all I had to type was my Name, Address, Date of Birth, choose between my Dr’s Lic #, or the last 4 digits of my SS#. DONE.

and since comments are closed on the SL blog, I can comment here.   How did I get a link on there?    Also…it was easy and painless…and since I used to work as a criminal background researcher who verified thousands and thousands of American citizens information for their employment with their social security numbers, addresses, dates of birth, drivers licenses, names of schools they attended, and access to all the people they put down as references that I had to call and check, and know what a good background you have to have to do the job…even though this was just run through an secure database…rest knowing that my information is secure.  Probably more secure then it is at my local college, bank, insurance office, doctors office, etc.  Just a thought there.  Think about it.

A concern I have is how do they know it was me and not my teen with my wallet.   I do have to applaud Linden Labs for trying to get the grid cleansed of children.  Even LL I am sure knows they will always have a kid slip through here and there and if not, I feel bad their teendoms weren’t full of the hooliganism that mine was…they must have been very jealous of me.

It was harmless, it was easy…and I bet I will still have to end up paying when its out of beta…murphy’s law.


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