Cubic Effect and not just the dress

While going over the zillion or so style blogs out there I came across Miss Haruka Kish. Japanese Second Life resident, style blogger, and fashion model. I quickly added her to my blogroll, and got busy going through her list of stores, hunting down some really cute items.

It’s always fun to find a SL resident from another place in the world, cause they have had a different SL experience then I have, and have come across places I haven’t found yet. Bonus if they blog, and are detail oriented like Miss Kish. She and I had the opportunity to chit chat a bit inworld via IM, and I am looking forward to following her blog Felice Haruka. I am a bit crazy for anything Japanese, I devour the culture in RL, so finding Japanese made content in SL is like nirvana for me. I love the Harajuku look especially, even though strict cosplay and its variant subset fashions for some reason really don’t appeal to me other then I like to see it on others. I hope to find more and blog it, but silly me is really picky and if something doesn’t have the “lines” I like, I instantly dismiss it.

Cubic Effect DressFelice Haruka blog is very high fashion, and I enjoyed finding a few stores I hadn’t heard of. I was limited on time, and Second Life has been very laggy recently so I only indulged in a few quick trips here are there. But I found the cutest cordoroy dress at Cubic Effect which I bought in bordeax, I quickly whipped out the boots I had been wearing since purchase-the LunaViola Boots with scrolls from PixelDolls and was pleased to find the purple matched. I love my color change boots. Just can’t seem to take them off. Another quick trip to Aden, and I found Spice Girl hair, so I purchased the Ginger Spice one. The dress I love for the texture. If it weren’t $390 while I am on a temporary…/me shudders….b.u.d.g.e.t… I so hate that word…then I would have purchase the other colors, and the sweater coat is which so lovely and nicely textured…I believe Haruka blogged it, if you wanna take a gander at it.
I promptly wore this outfit for two days! LOL. I have had severe graphics/texture problems within Second Life, this past week. I thought it was simply my graphics card. But now I am not so sure, I even movedmy chat/IM logs to a temp folder and then uninstalled all the Second Life clients..Regular, RC, Windlight…damn they sound like colas. Reinstalled the RC (release candidate) and still found I had this issue. it’s really horrible. I can barely get a thing done in SL like this. I have spent a great deal of time outworld trying to play around with my computer to get this fixed..and I still end up with settings that make the picture here at left make my eye make look runny. I even cleaned this up in photoshop.

Second Life has looked pretty crazy for me. I thought it was me and now I know its far worse. I have no clue how to fix it. I am not that tech savvy when it comes to this sort of thing. Suggestions anyone? Here’s the Pictures.

This one was when it started.. I simply put on a Last Call Jacket over my Armidi Dress…and I get this.

Now I am thinking, something is horribly wrong with my graphics card.

Here’s what I see around me…when it’s not so bad…

This is a tree..A mangrove tree from Hearts Garden Center next to my patio.

This is what it’s like trying to build:

Now here’s the’s not just me..last night Gary and I squeezed into a photobooth to take some pictures in Tableau. Gary had to take the pictures as there was no way I could take them with this issue..still thinking its me. So everything went great he took some fun pictures..until suddenly he started to see what I see…

This is Gary’s Photo sent to me in a postcard from Second Life..This was how I was seeing my av at the time..cept I also saw him this way but purple with green hair..and over time the whole sim deteriorated to this texture.

Ok so what have I done about it? Well, I had rebaked, relogged, cleared cache, cleared browser, scan disc, defrag, spyware scan, virus scan, deleted SL, reinstalled sl, I have updated drivers, and rolled back drivers, and updated drivers-it makes no difference, I have adjusted settings, updated windows, updated microsoft, consulted my graphics card support database, and SL database..blah blah blah. and I still get it. I am using a crap machine, a GeForceFX 5200 I think, and if I go into the control panel for it I reboot. I also have had the computer reboot when trying to open SL. I can make this go away on my av by changing skins, editing appearance, changing clothes. But it still comes back, and I can’t change the sims now can I..those textures always end up looking like that. I can tp somewhere and have it all cleared up as soon as the tp complete but eventually it comes back to looking like this.

Any ideas out there? How can I fix this? This is what someone should look like when they have spent too much time in free sex resorts..not me.


9 thoughts on “Cubic Effect and not just the dress

  1. That’s not just you hon. I had that problem a while back with one of the viewers but then the next rc fixed it. Try going back to the version that worked?

  2. I got around to rolling back to the last one, only to start it up and get a pop up saying I HAD to install the new one..again. so I did..must have been something wrong with the last new one, as (knock on primwood) so far so good.

  3. Thanks Whimsy for bloging about my blog!
    I came back home from my short trip in RL yesturday so I’ve read your entry just now.wooo I’m really happy to read your comments.
    I’m looking forward to seeing you in world someday;)

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