Christmas Sparklies

Ewing Fashion Agency and OnRez have put together the EFA Design Awards. Lot’s of details here. After signing on to OnRez, and searching through submissions, I was really taken many of the entries. But Hibiscus Flossberg’s entry caught my eye.

One of the entries for this award is ‘Holding My Heart Out’ Set by Hi-Flo, The Hidden Jewel. (available at OnRez), shown with Gracie… By Grace Winnfield– Carroll’s Fire Christmas Red Dress–Christmas Freebie

When I saw this I about died I love that rich red, and the hearts make me skip over Christmas and go straight to Valentine’s Day! I was hard pressed not to do a Valentine’s Day themed photo. Very lovely work, and a steal at $750, the choker, bracelet, ring, and earrings set also comes with a lovely heart shaped gift box. Hint…Hint… for you guys out there clueless as to what to buy your girlie just click here. To view other entries, search “EFA”.

I have been working hard coming up with numerous Christmas outfits for this season’s numerous social events. There are a tons of cute sexy outfits out there but I wanted to have a little more fun with a more traditional outfit and came up with this.

Gracie… By Grace Winnfield- Carroll’s Fire Christmas Red Dress–Christmas Freebie; Santa Hat (Miss Santa outfit) by LIBERTE; Belt by Aurora Fairplay; Fur Cuffs-(City Chick Outfit) from Mimikri; not shown-Freebie white ice skates.

A nice way to stand out at the next holiday party is really taking a good look at your inventory and playing around with what’s in there. Plenty of holiday freebies out there to play with too. It’s make leaving SL to do RL Christmas shopping a tough thing, I haven’t really started either yet. Shame on me! To busy hunting down holiday gifts and playing in my closet.

Today’s Shopping Uniform:

Frangipani-Gold Silk Jacket; artilleri-kat’s meow coat-leo-fur collar, cuffs; Last Call-Carolina Belt Pants; Gracile-City Girl Boots-Snakeskin (texture changable); Armidi-The Angel I Hair in Auburn

I doubt I will be able to resist the Freebies and Holiday Store gifts enough to keep me on track while doing my Christmas shopping. As soon as I tp into a store, snag my holiday gifts, I spy something I have to have, and completely forget my shopping list. With many store doing daily gifts this is really turning into fun. Wrong, Solange…the list is endless. Read your blogs to stay up on the latest in holiday gifts, and releases and wish me luck I am off to do my Christmas shopping.


5 thoughts on “Christmas Sparklies

  1. Thank Grace! You made a fun dress to play with around the holidays, thank you for it! I added you to my blogroll. Can’t wait to try the dress demos I have from your store in my inventory..whenever the grid opens!

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