Another Fundraiser

A wonderful new group has emerged on the grid, I am excited to be a part of. Another Fundraiser is working with Eloh Eliot of Another Shop to raise money for Unicef. Yes, thats THE Eloh Eliot who just made a series of skins the fashion world was agog over, full perms.

Ms. Eliot made these available inword at her store in Lippert, and the files are available on her website. Her intention was an experiment to see what content can come of doing such a wild and crazy thing. Overnight the skins turned up in a variety of places, as is expected. Many more began the process of actually exerting some effort to make the skins their own by actually doing some work in them.

Now its your turn to try your hand, and let the results bring some good to the real world. I know, your thinking there is NO WAY you can do this, lol, YES you can. Trust me! Get a load of my handiwork here.

As you can see here I’ve been playing in makeup, this was the first one I started on. Seriously, someone needs a brow waxing! This is Bert’s long lost cousin from Sesame Street. Here you can see how the skin is made up of three parts, face, upper body, and not shown-lower body. I never made the upper body and lower body for this face, so I slapped another upper body on so at least it would be a lighter shade then the noob dark tan which is the default, for photographing reasons. Here you can also see the importance of developing a skin tone palette. If that just sounded frightening-relax it takes two seconds to change it from Eloh’s skin tone to one of your own. Don’t get me started on eyebrows OMG.

Here is my Parrot prototype. I have made my own skin tone, eyebrows, base lip color, etc, played only the slightest with Eloh’s shading.

and last but not least I am sure you can do better then this next one:

This is what you get when your teen grider budding fashionista sees you playing with makeup in photoshop, pushed aside so she can create this. She accidentally left a layer of template on that made the black boxes around the eyes visible. She is so gonna scream when she finds out I have blogged this.

As you can see, this is a learning process. It’s a fun one too! Try it out, check out Eloh’s site, download the templates and start playing around. Then develop a planned attack on the creation of at least ONE skin. Then follow the instructions in the infomation kit and send it to us. You might just discover while playing around, and making some money for the very worthy Unicef, that you might have the makings of a skin designer in you.

Another Fundraiser has just opened the gates and started the race, see the details on the group blog for when your skins are due. Come check out the flickr group for The Another Skin Mod Club. Another Fundraiser is also currently looking into some great ways of celebrating this event, so keep an eye on the blog.

Enjoy, and get to airbrushing!


6 thoughts on “Another Fundraiser

  1. These are fantastic Whimsy, I wanna try!

    Which is the best Graphics prog to use? I have Corel Paint Shop Pro X and I’ve just downloaded Gimp. I don’t have Photoshop and I am a complete novice, I have no idea where to start.

  2. Photoshop is what I used, go check out the ones I finished for the fundraiser in the Bermuda High makeup I just finished so far and got up on flickr.

    When I first downloaded them I and saw all the damn layers I was like FUDGE, but then I saw the ones for eyeshadow, and then copied the layer set, then erased and put my color there, then I got bolder and started adding layers, like the Parrot Prototype, the body from under the breast to the feet are layerd feathers, but I got so sick of moving stuff back and forward I said F it, and left the bottom skin. Omg I think I have done all sorts of crazy crap so far, but settled on doing some walking around everyday skins…but who knows once I get the ones I have finished all put together I might do somemore, but I have a lot of RL time constraints so I am in a BIG hurry to get these off to Another Fundraiser!

  3. Creamy is still confuzzled. I looked at all those layers and have no cloo whatsoever. I can airbrush, smudge and basic stuff but that’s about it. Layers???? argghhh!!

    I am one of these people that expects to be able to do something without reading the instructions. I think I need to do a proper tutorial on the advanced features before I even start this.

  4. ROFL. I just got on there and duplicated the sets of layers/layer I wanted to work on-rename so I know mine from Chip’s & Eloh’s, and then erased what was on the duplicate/copy and colored it, or colored over it, and then turned off the original layer. LOL Yo instructions are for sissy’s. But a tutorial isn’t to bad, although I will admit I go by the pictures instead unless I HAVE to read the written part.

    lol Just Play Around.
    Going crazy with the difference of size between the upper/lowers and the face..shit I can do makeup all day, but damn thats driving me bonkers.

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