AnaLu- Ana Lutetia’s Poses


So after photographing tons of my lingerie, and then Eloh skin mods, I found out something, I kept coming back to AnaLu poses. These are like freaking perfect for showcasing clothing and the body. They really call attention to the item being shown on a body. But then again, lol, of course Ana would make them that way wouldn’t she, and she certainly knows what shes doing. If you are seriously spending tons of time in your Photosphere, and have turned into a pose whore, you best pick up the collection they’re a great addition. Here ‘s a threesome I recently snapped, I will be showing off some more when I post on Photosphere, Skins, and other unpublished posts lurking about. I have been using them quite often and they have really become a staple. Alas, I didn’t keep track of the Pose numbers shown here so, get yer butt over to the store and find the-See Ana Lutetia’s profile for a TP.


3 thoughts on “AnaLu- Ana Lutetia’s Poses

  1. Hey! yeah Omg I took so many photos recently and seriously did a big shoot right before the grid went down using them. I love them, and have been having quite a lot of fun with them.

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