Skin Tutorial

For everyone who is ruining their eye sight, patience level etc, with Photoshop I have an RL Freebie for you.  If you know of more, post a link in my comments.

Digital Media Designer’s Texturing skin in Adobe Photoshop Tutorial

Informative and helps you really look at the process layer wise for photoshop noobs.

/1 photographic memory on



4 thoughts on “Skin Tutorial

  1. In theory any tutorial will help as it helps you get your brain around a topic. I haven’t used those, but it will let you see how to go about using layers and color to 1. Develop a skin tone with proper shading, and 2. how to make a base tone. Its like Leonardo showing Van Gogh, Carle, Klimt, and Titian how to paint, its all done the same with the tools at hand, but they each will go about it differently, Titian will go old school and start with his background, Carle (eric carle) will begin making his textures to use for them (almost like photo sourcing), and Van Gogh will begin slapping on thick chunks of paint, and Klimt will do what ever it is he did, I digress..or is it go off on a tangent, anyway, the process is the same, the way to go about it will have different names for tools to be sure in the program of your choice, but it’s nice to see how to go about determining how to make a skin tone and the proper Highlight and Shadow for it, as well as building layers of a skin tone.

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