So this morning I grab my coffee and do my quick 30 second commute to my second life and job, I’m late on a red eye blog post and need to do some pictures. I can’t find the item I need to photograph but I got this AMAZING Outfit!

First, I love pirates! Pirates were cool long before Pirates of the Carribean. I live in the Tampa Bay Area, we are buccaneers. I live just north of Captiva Island, where a pirate used to drop off people he’d kidnapped to wait for ransom, hence the name. So surrounded by all this everyday it rubs off an makes you a little crazy.

Here is the Neon Pirate Ensemble from Escapades:

A FULL ensemble and I mean FULL, she includes 41 items all together from several outfits, swords, hair, eyes, boots, and a wide variety of other accessories! Simply amazing, and I SO love my rapiers! So here I am out on my own private island, twerking them with my AnaLu pose. Treasure Chest available from CAS, at Voti, in the Pirate Party Package.

Chelsea Chandler’s shop is amazing, she makes party supplies and avatar ensembles, and as you can see-wow! She also has a number of other items in the store everything from sushi to Pirate speak version of Babbler. Chelsea’s Shop at Crab Meadow Beach, Crab Meadow Beach (166, 7, 22)

Argh, I am off to finish some pictures, and get a Cafe blog post out, and I think there is a cat around here somewhere that is scheduled for a neutering, BTW stay out of my way at the LC sale, I will be wearing my rapiers there-and I am not afraid to use them.


One thought on “Avast!

  1. For really great piratical designs I can reccomend Smooth Designs and Suki’s Silks. Ditch that epee blade and find a nice cutless or rapier from Mekkan or Siege Guild. Good Low prim pirate decor can be found if you search places and put in Pirate Town. I forget the exact name of the place and everything is labled in german but they have some good stuff. For great priate boots of course you have to go to Illusions.

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