More RL Tools

DeviantART is an amazing forum. Virtual, and Graphic artists shape, share, and showcase here. Many tool are here for those looking to add to their collection of graphic art tools. Search keyword: Brushes

You will everything from blood splatters, angel wings, to hand prints. Everything you might be looking for. I have a number of their brushes that I use. JUST ONE THING! Be cool! If you flickr, cite/mention the artist whose brushes you used. It’s a courtesy thing, and very bad form not to.

Many of these tools are free, some are for sale, so freebies, dollarbies, and more higher priced tools available.





I welcome and invite all comments of a civil, informative nature to be posted regarding usage.  At most, this is informative, and obviously something to discuss.  THX!

15 thoughts on “More RL Tools

  1. Is this a good place to mention that one of the “artists” at TRU seems to sell a lot of window textures which amazingly enough all seem to be made from brush sets from DeviantArt. Normally, I wouldn’t say anything but the specific DA listing I am thinking of asks people not to sell the stuff in any form.

  2. After reviewing the Copyright Policy, I think I am correct in thinking that brushes downloaded for free, or for a price and used to make content would be covered under “Fair Use”.

    As the artists have made them available to the public for free, or a price, it would be abundantly clear that to the artist that made the brushes that someone would make something with them, and someone else could conceivably want to buy it.

  3. But taking someones ARTWORK-a finished stand alone piece, and using it without permission would be a copyright violation. Even if you used a bit, or added it to your own work, or as is. Brushes are tools though and fine for use.

  4. Oh and let me add, buying a print of an artwork, does not extend the copyrights to you, you may not run off 50 copies to sell at the local head shop. You are simply given the right to own it, display it, but not sell a copy of it. That license is given to the artist only, and only that artist can sell the permissions on it.

  5. I get into that with people all the time. I am the annoying guy who sends a nasty message to the person selling virtual copies of the work of popular artists. I will apologize to those people if they can prove to me that Boris Valejo not only has an SL pressence but also has two or three dozen alts. >=) Copyright ingfringers annoy the hell out of me.

  6. And please read the information on the download page of the particular brush set you are downloading, SOME ARE labeled NOT FOR COMMERCIAL USE!

  7. Hmm, when I made a tattoo set and gave it away, and used brushes to make it, I included in the folder the creator’s explicit consent to use them in any way. Some brushes or other resources at DA or anywhere else will include, use these only for, or please do so if you use them etc. So please watch the creator perms posted with the resources. /end schpiel.

  8. Remember too, Delilah, that there is a huge difference in giving something away and in selling it. BTW, you should come see the massive club i am building on commission.

  9. I went back to double check any brushes I already own had the ability to be used to create content for commercial purposes. Freaking pain cause I obtained those like a year or so ago but it’s nice to reaffirm that to the best of my knowledge I am legit. LOL freebie whore who likes do whatcha want licenses. But I have also been a stickler for making sure I properly citing all brushes on my RL work. What’s great about that site is the artist has the ability to list the CC and you can click through to read more if in doubt. It can be such a sticky thing for people and hard to sort out, but its like being in drivers education class in high school. When in doubt use your common sense. But thats funny to cause I think we all know a gillion people without any. MY RL SUCKED TODAY cause I had to deal with another parent that seemed to lack that exactly. ARGH! People. But hey I am not perfect either and there is always things open to interpretation. Man I am just running off on a tangent here dont mind me 😛

  10. Kid, get the hell off my blog and back to teen grid blogs or I ground you off your scripted scooter, and cut off your linden allowance.
    Love ya

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