SL Specific Resources

Ok, some sites from Second Life residents with stuff you might need too.

One of the most well known ones is done by Natalia Zelmanov of Sirena Hair & Fashion, her Mermaid Diaries Blog. Here you will find newbie information, freebies, basic info like editing prim parts, tutorials for content creation and information on where to find tutorial tools inworld. Currently she has poseball scripts, looprez, etc available at her store for you, some things are free, some may require a fee.

Chip Midnight’s Fine Fashions-He has tweaking templates for making skin, and clothes in second life. A link to this site can also be found on the Mermaid Diaries Blog.

Robin Wood also has templates, and tutorials on her site.

ETD-Elikapeka Tiramisu of ETD, has a 4 part hair building tutorial from start to finish, including how she made her textures. It’s cool to compare and contrast this texture technique to the one listed on the Mermaid Diaries. Play around have fun.

Another Blog-Eloh Eliot of Another Shop, has made some of her skin templates available here for you to use in modding skins.

Second Wave Fashion-Miss Siouxie Legend has tutorials here, recently she posted one on making a satin texture.


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