I have lived in a number of homes, and some of which have come with pre-installed media devices, radios, and stream media (TV). Currently in Generation, my home came with a pre-installed group deeded tv…that I suck at running. But I will blog that another time. My first experience with radio in SL, was a pre-installed radio at my Loveland rental. I t was great, I could access a large number of preselected stations.

After I moved to another sim, and got to experience buying my own home, and media devices, and I went with Ligeia Westwick’s Jukebox, which I found to be handy as I was able to store my favorite stations on it, and control the stream via the Jukebox menu. The problem was finding the streams. I began to collect any stream I could get my hands on, and will freely admit I am a tard at figuring out how to get a stream off a site without using winamp. After moving to Generation, I had found a particular stream I loved and just put that in not bothering to deed the jukebox.

My boyfriend Gary is a music nut, with a wide taste in genres like me, so it became necessary to accommodate his musical tastes in addition to my more obsessive ones. So after awhile I began hunting for another media system, and Rooby Begonia was kind enough to tip me off to my current one.

My new Internet Radio is now deeded to my residential group and I get all kinds of goodies, like being able to search by genre, song, keyword. For instance I am a big fan of Radio Nigel, while I can add that as a preset, I haven’t, cause in my zest to get using it I forgot to change the script to make it one before it was deeded.

Mental note to self: Make up configuration card, and settings card in inventory, and complete before contacting estate manager to come undeed and then redeed.

Now say a friend tells me about Radio Nigel and I wanna check it out, I can search the web, find its blog, and without using winamp I am screwed on getting a url for the stream, but with this radio: /21 search Radio Nigel

Now I am given up to 50 search results for that in my chat display (50 being the default), I just /21 tune 1, and since Radio Nigel is always the result on that search for 1, I am now streaming that station.

I can search by genre, but find it boring outside of simple searches like Dance, Party, Hits, 80’s, Blues, etc. What is fun is doing searches on bands, and sub genres and niches, and pretty much anything like TripHop, NY, Abba, you never know what you are gonna get, but I still stand by my RL searches of playlists, and stations. It still nice to know that when I get inworld I can simply type /21 search Indie 103.1 and get it.

If you know your stream already: /21 (insert Stream)

You have a variety of custom settings you can set for it, like a preference of bandwidth, # of searches, presets, etc, but I stick by the defaults before tweaking.

Now the best part of this is…my radio is 1 prim! I went with the 1 prim black box which ran about $499 or so I forget. There is also a nice display of the stream, and song thats currently playing.

Ligeia’s Jukebox is available at Ligeia’s Zurich City Emporium – Vintage Decor Designs, Zurich City (34, 98, 26)

Internet Radio is made by Alvargi Daniels, and is available at La Paloma Island Estates, The Internet Radio Shop – Land Radio, Music Player, Stereo, Alvargi Sound South (145, 247, 351)

2 thoughts on “Music

  1. Nice! I swear you will LOVE IT!, just make sure you configure the cards/presets first before deeding-especially if you rent and your landlord is hard to get ahold of or, unsure of the deeding undeeding process. I got lucky my estate manager is easy to get ahold of, I know with some other I would have to wait a bit to get that done. 😉 hope you enjoy it!

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