A Woman Scorned

I simply can’t keep this under the rug any more.   I have to out this for what it is.   While I had heard things, I passed them off as the a latest on dit, but now I have confirmed it as truth, and I will tell you all how I came about it.

There I was shopping at the Creators Pavilion.  I spied several fine young men about town shopping as well.  Impeccably dressed, nice hair, and gasp…Payment Info On File.   Now, I worry daily about my dear Gary leaving me for..sniff…sniff..<tear>…WoW, so in a moment of weakness I thought I could charm one with my feminine wiles…keeping it on the back burner..just in case.

Only while approaching them, I walked into chat range into what was a war of words over which one of them was courting Miss Swirly Cyclone the best.  Yes, I said it, now we have all heard the rumors, and I have to say..it’s all true.  She’s got these dandy’s wrapped around her little perfectly polished prim nails.

Saint was there at the time too, she probably had the same idea as me, and unless she was afk at the time she can confirm the whole thing.   I was so upset I had to log off.


12 thoughts on “A Woman Scorned

  1. I couldn’t really leave such a lady as Swirly to the tender mercies of those two. But I think I did a good job distracting them from you 😉

  2. True, Bex… where are all the hunks when I’m out shopping? Oh, wait… that would require me getting out of my cave more often, wouldn’t it? hahahaha

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