GuRL 6 plus NINE


Hair: GuRL6-Undone2-Strawberry
Outfit: plus NINE-Yugao Sweater Set
Boots: VAMP: Melisande-Onyx.
plus NINE, Teffelaw (25, 29, 22)
GuRL 6 HAIR, GuRLyWood
Vamp, Dazzle

I have loved GuRL 6 hair since I hit the grid, but over time for some reason it stopped suiting my av…UNTIL I saw and HAD to have this hair. Once I changed the horizontal face from 2.400 to about 1.000 or so on several of the torus’ I finally had my GuRL 6 hair back–just slightly modded. So I am quite pleased with myself and will happily be running back to buy more. This style Undone2 was recently released, and is currently on the main floor dead center at GuRLywood.

I found plus NINE‘s Yugao Sweater Set, while wandering the grid. I LOVE this outfit. Haute Couture at a very reasonable..almost a steal price. The location I was at was small with a few offerings, there was this yummy outfit and another slight variation in a muted pink. Also on site businessy pieces for men and women, that were good design that I have to run back for. While just a small number of items were featured, I can’t wait for more.

This morning I was able to get my hands on these lovely Valentines Freebies from Adam N Eve. Gary can get his virtual butt over to Adam N Eve for his own pair of boxers, cause I like these so much I am not handing them over.

Whats going on over at Adam N Eve? Suddenly everything is tight, hot, shiny, and super sexy……I’m watching..and waiting to see what Sachi’s got up her prim sleeves.


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