Adam N Eve Volar shoes!

The latest shoes from Adam N Eve are to die for! My favorite shape–long pointed toes and a nice stiletto heel-make them a dream!

Sculpted shoes with the cutest dangling doves from the heels! Amazing rich colors! I love the Bique shown in center, its that hard to match Second Life Pink, so I can pull out all my pink clothes now and have a perfect match! The Saffon is rich, and has so much depth to it, it’s begging for a shopping spree to find the perfect dress for it. Two lovely shades of blue are also in the line, I like the richness of the Persian Blue, and already know of several outfits for the Cornflower. The Silver and Grey ones will get so much use from me I am glad they only virtual wear or I would have to grab a fatpack of those colors alone.

Available now at Adam N Eve, Genesis 41, 119, 23. Copy/No Trans, and they come in  20 different colors in 10 twin packs!!! A twin pack features 2 complimentary colors to mix & match, and runs $400. Grab some demos!


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