A trip down the rabbit hole

Recently I went off in search of White Well, a Japanese hair store (no I will blog later about the fab hair), and what a trip, and I am still on it.   I contacted my friend Haruka Kish, yes THAT beautiful Japanese Fashionista,  who told me Kyoko Forcella of White Well had a blog.  So I went and I laughed at Google Language Tool’s attempt at translating it, but you do what you have to do when fashion is involved.  So, here’s your mission Fashionistas!  Click Kyoko’s blog link, then after perusing, click her links to other blogs, and so on.  BTW I used the google language tools to translate Kyoko’s page first so all link clicking was auto translated, so my results were in this crazy disjointed English with some beautiful metaphors thrown in.

Now, do the same, and keep checking every blogs links.
Btw, you are gonna need pen and paper on your trip to write down all the names of the stores and designers.
Enjoy the ride!

3 thoughts on “A trip down the rabbit hole

  1. I love reading those little Japanese blogs! Love to read them to keep up on on the little Japanese I *do* know while finding new places. ^^

    Didn’t know google had a translator though! OMG, now I’m going to get extremely lazy and just have google do it all for me O.o

  2. Yes, for people who haven’t noticed it:
    Go to Google.com
    click Language Tools (its on the left of the I Feel Lucky button)
    You can now copy and paste text into the translation box and select the language from the scroll bar, OR further down on the page there is a place to put the URL of the page you want translated, then select the translation from the scroll box.

  3. Oh and a sidenote: I have a TP to JUNWAVE, :: Sixty-Nine ::, and pop feel in my picks.
    If you go to Sixty-Nine, outside the large front door is Azul, if you go out the small back door and across is White Well (or will be) above a skin store that has cute sweaters for $10 for 2. Ok just explore the ECS sim.

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