Tools of the trade

We all see these cool backgrounds on people pictures and say wow they really know their photoshop, and they have such nice poses, and unless you already own these cool tools you really don’t have a clue about whats out there and what does what.

Most often you see models, bloggers, and designers using photo studios and that sounds really OOOOH exclusive and high tech but its not. Many are available in world, and through OnRez, and Slex. Search keyword: Photo Studio

Click through to flickr, to see the notes on the pictures with more infomation.

I looked at a couple of types when I went shopping for one, and until I settled on one, I used a hollowed cylinder on its side. I posed using a dance hud I filled with my poses, and always faced west on the sunset setting wearing a face light. The result? Better then newbie photos, good face lighting but lack of depth and definition on clothing especially dark colors.

Now I am a scriptophobe. I will buy some gadget cause I like, I need it, I want it, and then not use it because I am worried about messing it up. Take for instance Tillie Ariantho‘s posing stand. I let that one season in my inventory for almost a week before I got in there and did the very very simple task of dropping my poses in it and renaming the stand. Ok yeah that’s how bad I am at dealing with scripted objects. Easier then setting up an AO, and as easy as dropping all your crap into a box and naming the box. All I knew from the notecard was there was a hud involved, and something about renaming, and I hesitated.

Really, Tillie’s posing stand is quite amazing for what I have sampled out there. It comes with a Stand, and a HUD. 1. Drop your poses in the stand. 2. Name stand (if ya want) 3. Wear the HUD. Through the hud you can pose yourself, zoom in a nice shot, have everything nicely lined up, and then with a click of a button, change poses without having your view reset, or you can rotate the stand via the hud, and whip through all your poses at lighting speed. Hide/Show button is handy for when you find your shot, you click and voila! stand disappears. The stand shows the name of the pose displayed which is handy and it doesn’t show up in your shot unless you want it to. No clicking arrows on a stand which I personally hate. Also you can access all these features via chat commands, which is also nice but I like the hud. I will be using Tillie’s stand now exclusively in my photosphere from now on. Bonus, Its Copy. I can make another with just sits, or animated poses, and have one at my house, studio, and never worry about losing it. Not that it matters cause you can define sets of anims within it.

I have a Huddle I use too, I bought one from Moonlight Animations as it came with a large Hud, and a compact menu driven hud. I find these are nice when you are on the go. You can’t aways rez so its a nice alternative. Having both types helps in no script areas. The menu driven one never works in them, but my large Hud does, and I can scroll through my poses, a bit of a pain if you have a lot, and I believe on this model there is a limit, so I keep some basic poses in there, and my more private dances.

Photosphere is the photo studio I went with. For me it seemed easy to use, and has proven to be so far. I am very pleased with the purchase, and its one of my favorite belongs. I keep mine in my studio, its a large object so plenty of ceiling space is needed which I simply do not have in my villa. Other photo studios would have been a better choice if I had considered that restriction, but damn the photosphere is so cute, or should I say Kyoot. That’s right, it’s from Saeya Nyanda of Kyoot Army.

The Photosphere is very simple to use, in fact I got started with it right away after rezzing it. It’s a thrifty 10 prims or thereabout. 1. Rez photosphere. 2. Rez Photosphere Poseball. 3. Fill Poseball with poses. 4. Rez Hud, or wear Hud (optional). Kyoot Army sells backdrop packs that I love and its easy to drop them in. With a click of of external hud (nice for guests using it) or the wearable hud, you can flip through backdrops, tints, and lighting via menu. All backdrops are scalable via chat command. I know that sounded technical there, you thought Omg how am I supposed to figure that out, with all the 1.000 and stuffs. No, its easy, you really just click the sphere, or huds, and select Scale. Then you type into chat a number like 2. I usually keep mine set between 2 and 4 depending and its really super easy. Notice in my photo there are three balls that are NOT the pose ball. Those are your lights, and each one is changeable.

In the photo I have the top light set at WHITE, the left at WARMING, and the right at COOLING to demonstrate. Also notice the HUD I am wearing, which is a duplicate of the HUD rezzed on the right of the picture on the photosphere for friends to use. The Photosphere comes with its own pose ball which looks like the lights as you can see. You rez it in the middle, and drop your poses in it. You can cycle through your poses with Shift + left or right arrow keys on your keyboard. The only thing I don’t care for about it is there is no display of what pose I am on, and it resets my view. But other then that I preferred it over stands with arrows. Kyoot Army’s Photosphere is $1500, backdrop textures run $300 a pack, and are available at Kyoot Army’s sim Silent. Also available at OnRez.

One thought on “Tools of the trade

  1. Can you believe between the time I hit publish on this and then logged back onto SL, Tillie had updated her Posing Stand! LOL.
    Tillie's Posing Stand with HUD v1.15
    Check it out NOW!

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