Flamingos and Hair

Could it be? Is it true? Whimsy Winx got the worm this morning? Am I the first to stick this hair up on their blog? Hmmm? /me sticks tongue out NYAH NYAH

Yes! That’s the ETD hair we were dying for in Fashion Emergency group. It was on the model in the ad for LaLa FooFoo‘s Print Hoodie, which sent Fashionistas scrambling around the grid for it, but after careful analysis we determined the textures, and that shade of teal hair in the ad to be ETD’s, and waited impatiently for it to be released. I logged on this morning to find the ad waiting for me and TP’d straight away over for it. It’s ETD‘s Natasha. I am wearing the Copper shade.

What’s that? You see a Flamingo behind me. Yes, if you haven’t heard..yes this started in the Fashion Emergency group too… The Cafe Society has issued a design challenge to all fashion designers. Details on The Cafe Society blog.


4 thoughts on “Flamingos and Hair

  1. Actually, I think Starley Thereian was the first to wear that hair in her blog when she announced her new patterned hoodies.

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