Fashion for Fido (more goodies)

More about Fashion for Fido here.

From Mau and Mej…

More from Zooby’s…

From GuRL 6…

Did everyone notice the cute bone that comes with the GuRL 6 hair? hair on the bottom right too cute!

More from Ravenwear…

From Skin Within…

From Szentasha…

Did I mention Zooby’s…

(I swear to god this is copy of my rl bunny)

From Fashionily Fantasy…

We have tons more, these are just the pictures I DO have, and I am sure I am skipping over lots of great stuff (like Tuli Gift Cards-thanks for letting me know Tuli! ) cause Raven Lament has taken on this immense project all on her own and has all the details—Seriously Great Job Raven!

The auction will open March 6th 8 am SLT at the following slurl. This slurl will not be valid until March 6th and the area will be closed. Ravens Requiem (128, 35, 507)


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