Grand Opening-The 5th Element

A regular entertainment staple in Second Life, Club Sensual Elements, has always been the fashionable hot club. Now Dakota Neumann has built his latest GOL club, The 5th Element, an astonishing example of virtual architecture. Being a GOL (short for Goddess of Love-I know every asks) resident, I took advantage of sneaking over for a look to see the club before the it crowd hit it, and as usual I was instantly jealous as a builder and delighted as a Second Life Resident.

European Grand Opening is 6-12am SLT March 8th, 2008.

Grand Opening #2 is from 5-12pm SLT time later that day.

Check out the pictures for yourself!


So calling all Fashionistas! Put together a hot outfit I am encouraging all the fashionable people to wear gold and I mean it!, and lets show the rest of the grid how to party. ;P Located at GOL 3 (193, 130, 22). I’m meeting up with friends for drinks at 7pm and then hitting it about 8pm slt, I will add it to my Picks when I get there, so check my profile then if you need a tp.


One thought on “Grand Opening-The 5th Element

  1. If you are NOT seeing the flickr pictures I am waiting for the feed to reset from my account as I had them set to private and just made them public again. Click to my flickr account to see them until that happens. Sorry about the inconvenience.

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