Adam N Eve Catwalk Collection & M&M’s

Sachi and Damen have been very very busy creating a hot new release at Adam N Eve. Sculpted bags, and belts cover a wall at their new Genesis Drive Boutique, and there are some lovely steals…I mean deals in the bargain basement (coughs boyfriend shirt coughs).

Two lovely dresses I have to share today from the collection, the Hot Tamale dress, and the Snakeskin dress.

Adam N Eve-Catwalk Collection-Hot Tamale-White

Click through to my flickr, and select All Sizes on this to capture the fluid highlighting that gives this dress such luminous quality. The dress comes with two skirt options a short flexi, and a long skirt which makes it a very nice wardrobe addition. Special attention was applied with prim sleeve cuffs, and bodice ruffles. Instore its available in a nice selection of colors. I won’t say which, you’ll have to go take a peek yourself.

Adam N Eve-Catwalk Collection-Snakeskin-Black

Click through for the large size to see the detail of the snakeskin. The snakeskin is so rich on this mini dress, and the highlighting is perfection. Again, here Sachi created two skirt options. I love how this dress just clings to the body.

The Catwalk Collection is located inside towards the back of the main store, in the new Boutique. Also available at the new boutique, are new poses and animations created by Damen Gorilla for this collection. The men made out pretty well with companion pieces which are located in the main stores mens department. Check out the new collection, type Genesis in map, and tp to the front of the store. Mens Dept is on the second floor to the right, and the boutique is in the back.

and…yes…I am still having fun in Silent,with my La Sylphide – Liliana – Black and White I – Noir skin. So much that I got on the band wagon, and here is my obligatory M&M creation. I call her Duchess Cupcake A la Mode.

Duchess Cupcake is wearing…Skin: La Sylphide – Liliana – Black and White I – Noir; Armidi-The Glamorous III – Auburn; Shoes: Vamp-Paige-Black; Accessories: Celestial Studios-Boho Bag-Red; Windlight @ Silent


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