Fashionista Blackout Coverage

Whimsy Winx reporting LIVE…

After a 12 hours of barricading myself in my home, I was able to traverse into public areas only to see the aftermath left behind by what the Lindens calling “issues”.  This is a sad time my friends.  With teleports not always going through we are forced to find other ways of moving around the grid.   My attempts at using and finding operating public transportation failed.

We are under a communications blackout of the most severe kind.  Forced to wander hopelessly in search of each other.

It hasn’t been easy.  I have had intermittent contact with a few.  I can confirm that the following are alive.  Caliah Lyon-brief contact, Mimikri Kit-spotted, Sasy Scarborough-Brief contact, JennyH GossipGirl-Brief Contact, elka Lehane-Brief Contact.

Once I was able to reach the Fashion Consolidated Cafe, I was relieved to hear and am happy to report that Honey Fairweather is alive and well.  I am still out there searching for other survivors, I hope soon we can all be reunited.  Until then much love, be careful, XO-Whimsy


11 thoughts on “Fashionista Blackout Coverage

  1. Confirmed Alive as of 12:12pm slt
    Sachi Vixen-contact
    Phaylen Fairchild-Contact/sighted
    Kit Maitland-Contact/Sighted
    Evie Fairchild-Contact/Sighted
    Luicee Babii-Contact
    Helke Duettmann-Contact/Sighted
    Hibiscus Flossberg-Contact/Sighted
    Rose Forcella-Contact/Sighted

  2. OMG.. too funny, sad and true. Unite against the magpies!!! Damn the SL torpedos.. full speed to the shopping districts ahead!!!

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