The Party That Ate Second Life ™

The must have accessory this past Friday night was my surprise Glam Coke Whore Birthday Party VIP Pass. This Glam Coke Whore says so and this is my delusional coked up fantasy and you will indulge me cause I am already ignoring you.

See, how tres fabulous this accessory is-its F’n laminated baby! As you can see the party started at 7pm slt, the time the grid tipped to one side and started kicking out people cause they didn’t wear proper attire…that’s is if you could rez it….more juicy party details after the cut..that is if the feed decides I NEED a cut. ;P

So, the party was fab, if the grid decided you made the cut to be there, lots of important people were, too bad you missed it. Since many people were deprived of my fashionable company, I have decided to allow you to see what I might have worn, only the truly important people actually know what i REALLY wore and how wonderful and rapturously beautiful I was…not to imply that I am not at this moment wonderfully and rapturously beautifully dressed. ;P You see when its your birthday you simply MUST wear something incredible because EVERYONE wants to see you. One must be prepared, so I am going to let you see TWO of the three other outfits I had on hand as my possible birthday ‘suit’.

Birthday Ensemble: Gold

Hair: ETD-Jackie – Copper; Skin: Mojo– Glitterati – Tone 4 – Willow – Night/Gloss/Liner; Earrings: Last Call- Covet: Daphine Earrings Gold; Necklace: Hi-Flo- Wish Upon a Star Necklace; Purse: Paper Couture-The Sophie Bag (noir); Belt: artilleri- eva dress belt; Jacket: Mimikri – Leatherjacket/City Cat black; Pants: Digit Darkes-Diversity Pant-Gold; Shoes: Stiletto Moody – Silver StudSides Pump (Black)

Birthday Ensemble: Pink

Hair: ETD Alexandra III – Copper Skin: Mojo– Glitterati – Tone 4 – Willow – Night/Gloss/Liner Manicure/Pedicure: The Body Politik Cotton Candy Jewelry: Hi-Flo- The Luicee Set Jacket: Mimikri – Jacket/Lady Minx pink Shirt: GLAM-Metallic Belt Tubetop in Magenta (Silver Belt) Belt: Digit Darkes- “DARLING” belt black-silver Pants: Digit Darkes-Diversity Pant-Sasy Silver Shoes: Stiletto Moody – Elegant Slingback (SilverTwinkle)

It’s beautiful, Jesus would like it.

Winx-Fashionista Coke Whore Nail whispers: Whimsy discreetly snorts a cocaine bump off her coke nail, and brushes some residue from her nose, and smiles feeling refreshed.

So as you could see there was no way around it, only I shine! But if you were there you would have known that! Sorry I broke your grid. Maybe Daddy can buy you another one!


BTW I would like to tell each and every person involved from the planning, to the attempts to attend I LOVE YOU! Thanks for making this birthday a fun one, each of you is a big part of my day no matter if we are out shopping together, chatting incessantly about nothing, or I’m reading your blog, and I value all of you in my life, and I can’t imagine better people to spend my birthday with! You Rawk! We should have another party to celebrate…when they fix the grid…if they can, we trashed it pretty bad. ROOM SERVICE!!!!!!!!

XOXOX Whimsy

P.S. If I have missed you in handing out Fashionista Coke Whore Nails, IM me for one, if you don’t get it I got capped keep trying.


7 thoughts on “The Party That Ate Second Life ™

  1. we broke SL(tm), some girl got slapped by another girl, the bouncer beat some losers attempting to crash, the music was thumping, and I woke up in a closet the next morning missing my wig and some THAT’s a Party! WOO!

  2. I ♥ Whimsy… lol so much fun .. I know its been a few weeks… but I am just now reading blogs… and I couldnt have asked for a better place to be while the grid was effed up…

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