Digit Darkes recently released a new amazing item-the Determined Coat.

This lovely coat comes with a delicate lingerie set, and hosiery shown here in Black, and Teal.  The movement on the coat skirt is amazing.  It flows perfectly, but that is a trademark move we love from Digit.  One of these day I will master my video skill and only blog Digit in video so you can appreciate this skill, and the effect it has on her clothing.. notably.. the Serina dress Digit released last March.  Another dress I will be reaching for when I go salsa dancing because of the way it moves, and her ingenious way of combining skirt textures to create a bit of pop.  Check out Serina shown here in seafoam.

No amount of tickering I can do in photoshop and do justice to the movement of these dresses.  You are just gonna have to grab them inworld and see for yourself.

Digit Darkes is located in the Addictive sim.


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