Bangle Madness

I have gone completely crazy for Bangles!  I can’t get enough in either world at the moment.  I am seriously obsessing over them.  Bangles I hope are to stay a hot accessory item for a long long time.  Check these out.

Shown are a collection of bangles from Armidi, Hi-Flo, EarthStones, Last Call, and +Plus.  I hope I didn’t miss a store in there, cause I am rushing about the grid snatching up Bangles where ever I find them.  I hope to see more and more.  I can’t get enough, and I hope my fellow fashionistas feel the same.  This fall I wanna be dripping with them, and thick cuffs ones to finish off my tailored shirts.

Let me know if you find more…I am alway on the hunt!


17 thoughts on “Bangle Madness

  1. you can find some at Baiastice, earthtones, and i’ll check my inventory for more…yay bangles!

  2. Try “aya V.” for awesome huge arm stacks, bebe has sets that go up to the elbow, ::69:: has some cool new ones, and I second Fresh Baked Goods, they can be made to match everything! (Well Made & Cheap!)

  3. Yes! Another Bangles aficionado! Whimsy you’ll adore:
    Cindy Lobby
    Whittenton and DeLa

  4. I recently released tribal bellydance inspired bangles/armband sets, the Rachel. You can get a direct tp to my 2nd floor, where my jewelry is located, on my first classified. ^^

  5. Woo’s of course and Dela has some fantastic bangles and cuffs ,Essentia has a pack of coloured tortoiseshell bangles for 100L I love , lots of fab bangles all over Japan sims too as you know

    xox Sasy xox

  6. I found the cutest one at the other day. The creator doesnt have a store in world tho, her name is Katerina Lytton if i’m not wrong. However, they look absolutely great and very summery.

  7. I’m currently totally bangle-crazy as well, now I’ll have to check out all the stores people recommended above (: I like the way you displayed them, too. Stack ’em!

    Take care!

  8. I second Aphrodite Creations. Now three sets and only like 35L for a pack of 5 and include left & right. 😀

  9. I can’t get enough of them either! 69, Untone Quilt, ACgirls, and Encemble have great free bangles. Caroline Apollo has a gorgeous wide silver and gold bangle. Boon has great color/texture change bangles. Kurotsubaki has a fab rabbit bangle watch. Persona, Junk (creator Koge Cleaver), Orchid Dreams, Gazov Designs, Jana Kurelek, and Elka Kehane all have bangles that I love.

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