Adam N Eve’s new hair and new textures.

Adam N Eve just released this..Rosie, shown here in Flame, and Burnt Ochre. While I love Adam n Eve, I haven’t been the biggest fan of their textures..I have loved some…on others like the brunettes and blonde tones, but the reds never grabbed me they ran brassy. But I also think there was something going on with my viewer and graphics card too that made them all the brassier.

But I don’t have to worry about that any more cause Sachi redid her reds! OMG! I am loving them…the Flame is FLAME, with a bit of copper for highlight, its a lovely shade I will probably wear as my default red shade from Adam N Eve, not a bit of brass to this and its perfect. Her Burnt Ochre is a nice deep auburn. The hair style though Rosie..was just what I was looking for to wear today..something stylish, yet flippy..its summer and I wanna feel it it.

Adam N Eve-Rosie Flame

A & E Rosie Flame

Adam N Eve-Rosie Burnt Ochre

A & E Rosie Burnt Ochre

The perfect hair for a summer day! Adam N Eve is located in Genesis

Thank Heavens For Little Dresses!

My Slife has been so so busy lately my shopping, and my wardrobe has taken a backseat..I know…Quelle Horror! Although I did make the time to pick up..ok..snatch as much as I could at Long Awkward Pose, and Torridwear, and VG Republic…but seriously getting dressed as become something I don’t have time for, and it’s like I go blank and can’t make a decision when I choose something to wear…But thank heaven’s for little dresses from Digit Darkes!

Digit Darkes just released this little number that delivers big! It’s a slip dress variation, that honestly I swear I can’t get enough of little slip dresses. This time around shes created a new look to them with patterned fabric. I can’t wait to get a chance to get into my wardrobe and find some jackets to pair this with in the fall too.

Digit Darkes-French Affair-Ecossais


Here I have paired it with ETD‘s Davina II in Auburn, a nice short cut, easy to wear when I don’t wanna fuss but wanna look great. I chose VG Republic‘s Stripe Bangles, Resin & Chain Link Necklace, and Double Hoop Earrings.   All of the jewelry is color changeable so I was able to bring out the teal of the flowers in the dress.  A sexy strappy pair of Maitreya‘s Grace heels in brown completed my look for a sexy, casual, date on my terrace with Gary.

Dress FULL

I am going to have to go back and grab the rest of the dresses and maybe another slip dress too,  to get me through the hussle and bussle of the end of the RFL Cherry Blossom Festival…Event Schedule here. Soon our Silent Auctions are going to end so hurry have about 8 hours left. Click here for a list of items.

Photo Contest

I have a fortune in group poses all over Virgin Island 3 and Virgin Island 4 so while your getting in on the last minute bidding don’t forget to grab some friends and find my poses…a wide variety so you will get some excellent shots, and maybe some amazing ones to enter into our RFL Cherry Blossom Festival Photo Contest.

Contest ends Sunday, but the Festival ends Friday at if you want to enter you will HAVE to get your pictures taken by Friday at midnight, cause after that clean up starts and the sims will most likely be closed.

Contest Details

East Meets West Ball @ RFL Cherry Blossom Festival

I will tell you what there is nothing like trying to get into Second Life, take photos, work in Photoshop, and Blog in the middle of a huge Florida storm. Did I mention we are the Lighting Capital of the world? I tell you we are setting a record outside my window right now.

Tonight at the RFL Cherry Blossom Festival we have the East Meets West Ball! Starting at 7PM SLT and going on to the wee hours with DJ Mistlyn Dreamscape. Don your best party frock whether it be a western style ball gown or your best kimono and come have some fun.

We have some recent additions to the festival.. the latest is a beautiful crane cancer memorial.

Built by the wonderfully talented Lauren Thibauld…she and Zander Greene have been our stellar builders for this event..stop by check this is moving memorial out.

It was a really tough decision figuring out what to wear..soo many many lovely kimonos on the grid..until I found the Adam N Eve Flora gown in pink..lovely flower blossoms running up my arms..reminiscent of cherry blossoms..I had to wear it…its perfect!

We have a lot of upcoming events planned..check us out any day for picnicking..cuddling..exploring…and stop by for our Silent Auctions, Silent Date Auctions, Art Exhibitions daily.

RFL’s team Friends Fighting Cancer, in conjunction with The Cafe Society, are proud to present the:

A two week extravaganza held over two sims with sumptuous Japanese scenery & architecture, events and daily activities including …
* come picnic under the falling petals of stunning cherry blossoms,
* play interactive games with your friends,
* dance the night away at a formal East meets West Ball, rave/techno party or to live musicians,
* stroll under the cherry blossoms to see stunning art works which you can bid on
* browse our charity auctions of many exclusive items & our fabulous RFL vendors,
* bid on a date with some of SL’s hottest avatars
* explore & take photos at our picture points with the stunning scenery
* cuddle or kiss with a loved one
* and much, much more!

Friday 13th June – Friday 27th June, 2008

* 7pm SLT till late: East meets West Ball
* 9pm SLT – Fireworks
RFL Picnic! All Day Event
RFL Silent Auction Continues All Day Event
RFL Art exhibition & silent auction continues

* 6 – 7pm SLT – Live Performance: Edward Kyomoon
*7 – 8 PM SLT – Live Performance: Capos Calderwood
*8 -9 PM SLT – Live Performance: Grateful Stryker
* 9pm SLT – Fireworks
RFL Picnic! All Day Event
RFL Silent Auction Continues All Day Event
RFL Art exhibition & silent auction continues

* 9pm SLT – Fireworks
RFL Picnic! All Day Event
RFL Silent Auction Continues All Day Event
RFL Art exhibition & silent auction continues

* 9pm SLT – Fireworks
* 10 – 11 pm SLT – Live Performance: Pato Milo
RFL Picnic! All Day Event
RFL Silent Auction Continues All Day Event
RFL Art exhibition & silent auction continues

* Games day!
* TBC – Live Performance: Paisley Beebe
* 9pm SLT – Fireworks
RFL Picnic! All Day Event
RFL Silent Auction Continues All Day Event
RFL Art exhibition & silent auction continues

* 4 – 5pm SLT – Live Performance: nuvolino Roffo
* 9pm SLT – Fireworks
RFL Picnic! All Day Event
RFL Silent Auction ENDS
RFL Art exhibition & silent auction ENDS
Silent Auction Ends

* 7 – 9pm SLT: Wrap-Up End Party
* 9pm SLT – Fireworks
RFL Picnic! All Day Event
RFL Silent Auction Continues All Day Event

Check out the fireworks every night at 9PM SLT

We have lots of events planned, and are updating our schedule daily..performances subjected to change.

Festival grounds are location on Virgin Island 3 (auctions, exploring, memorial, art) and Virgin Island 4 (dancing, Live music, Fireworks, Picnic, games) Also check out Hosoi Ichiba in the surround sims their store is amazing, and their fishing village fun to explore, something amazing to see everywhere.

Adam N Eve’s Samantha Dress

Adam N Eve‘s latest creation…the Samantha dress…Sex in the City inspired!  Sachi plans more inspired gowns for the keep a look out.  But check this one out!

Dress: Adam n Eve – Samantha dress shown in red and white with both long and short skirt options; Necklace: VG Republic-Circle Charm Necklace (color changeable) shown in Red and White; Bangles: VG Republic-Gold & Resin Bangle (color changeable) shown in Red and White; Earrings: VG Republic-Crystal Chandelier Earring; Shoes: Adam N Eve- Volar in Flame, and Armidi Gisaci- Barcelona Slingback White; Hair: ETD Hayden – Copper

If one were going to dress Samantha..this would definitely be a dress for her..its so sexy..its lethal.  Shown here in Red and White versions it’s soft, it’s silky, it’s curvy, it’s so Samantha!  Samantha comes in various shades, and each come with two skirt options..long and short.  Each skirt option makes a nice change to the clingy bodice.  The only problem is I have both dresses fighting in my inventory to be worn.  They need a Hot Date!…Oh Gary?…hmmm  but which skirt to wear…

Adam N Eve is located in Genesis

Night out

Last night Gary and I hit Game Day at the RFL Cherry Blossom Festival on Virgin Island 4.  A lot has been planned, and a lot of work has gone into this festival with tons of live events, silent auctions, etc.  There is lots to see here so those who love to wander and explore you HAVE to come!  A planned Photo Contest is in the works too as there are photo points set up around the festival groups for you and your friends to record your fun.

Here Gary, Hibiscus and I enjoy a walk through the cherry trees…I think we are all wearing a lot of artilleri.  Bust have been the theme for the day  😉  Love Auntie!

So much to see and do here but I got quite a surprise!


Gary and I soon ditched Hibiscus and went off to cuddle and explore on our own

We wound up our evening with a game of Selbyword and picnicking under a cherry tree.  Gary beat me..dammit.

Grab some friends..come hang out and explore..check out our art exhibition, silent auctions, vendors, and chill to some live events, or come play some games..   Virgin Island 3  and Virgin Island 4


Kellie Iwish of Elate! is an up and coming new designer to watch. A member of Fashion Consolidated, and armed with a cute little boutique of goodies, I can’t wait for her to release more and more. I think anyone whose been to Elate! can tell you the Felicity dress is adorable and sexy-a total hit. Her clothing well thought out, the textures and construction well done. I look forward to seeing more from her as she grows her store. Shown here are from left to right five dresses I picked up a while ago when Helke Duetmann first spotted Elate! and tp’d me in to check out the fancies. I was instantly thrilled to find a dress to match my recently purchased Paper Couture shoes that I had bought for another outfit that hadn’t worked out. Then I saw the Felicity dress. Helke is known for traveling around the grid and finding fresh new stores out there and at the time I hadn’t heard of Elate!, and Ms. Iwish had just finished a fashion show. Eager to get my hands on these dresses I began to buy then up left and right.

Elate! Dresses from left to right all shown with Hair: Armidi-Angel I-Auburn; are Dress 1: Elate! – Kitty worn with Shoes: Paper Couture- Lierre Ankle Wrap – growth; Dress 2: Elate!-Charlie Dress worn with Shoes: Tesla-Estrella Blac; Dress 3: Elate!-Felicity worn with Shoes:Tesla-Estrella Black; Dress 4: Felicity-Sky worn with Shoes:Tesla-Estrella Blackand Dress 5: Elate! – Raeva worn with Shoes: Maitreya=Grace-Black.

I had thought at the time I had purchased everything save one dress in the store, but alas the grid was unstable and I only ended up with five. Not too bad, as it gives me an excuse to go back always on the lookout for her next design. But to me this cute little Felcity in red is just to die for.

Elate! is located in Wuthering Heights (167, 34, 25)

Digit Darkes-Glimmer!

Digit Darkes recently released this beautiful dress Glimmer. Its an amazing stunner-as typical of her work. I love how it flows-a true Darkes signature, and the multiple uses it presents. Her texture use is bright, and eye catching, its show stopping. Glimmer is definitely a wardrobe builder as the can function at as swimsuit, dress, and the prim skirt lends itself well to other pieces.

Shown here is Glimmer-Gold

Skin: Mojo’s Glitterati – Tone 4 – Ruby – Day/Gloss/Liner; Eyes: The Body Politik-True Eyes-Grey Blue with Eye Shine in Studio 1; Hair: Aveda-Long Flip-Amber; Cuffs: Hi-Flo, The Hidden Jewel-Art Deco Cuffs; Dress: Digit Darkes-Glimmer-Gold, Shoes: Armidi Gisaci-Vidalia Pumps-Metallic Gold.

Here I have mixed it up, with more items from Digit Darkes, her Black Sequin Body suit shown left, and her Black Knit Twist Top on the right, with the black sequin shorts.

Digit Darkes is located in Addictive

My projects

So…the grid is showing its offline, which means that getting up this am to photograph and blog an awesome dress from Digit Darkes is out.  Which is really irksome.  I really like to stick to a schedule if I have made the effort to make one.   So I am gonna ramble on about things I have been working on, cause if I don’t get something done today I will scream.

So a couple months ago, Ember Farina, snags me to join the Friends Fighting Cancer team, and help plan some events.  I got all excited and then quickly realised how much The Cafe Society and its members work together.   Its a unique process the TCS goes through to put out an event.   Working with new people was overwhelming and really made me appreciate that relationship we have developed within The Cafe Society.   We have been doing things together for almost a year now, and we have something special.  Working with the FFC teams has been overwhelming, they have their things in progress and its a hustle to keep up with all the things they have going on.  They really have had some cool events.  But I always felt like the new kid in an extremely large school.  Ember has been fantastic to work with she has a lot of energy.  She liked my idea of a Cherry Blossom Festival and I got to work.  I traveled the grid, and did a lot of research on the interest, and got a vision of what I wanted to be, which is how i work.  Its been crazy trying to do this without hauling in my fellow cafe members, and I finally did cause I know at the end of the day, when I say something they get it, or a close facsimile.  I was worried that this wouldn’t be the case with the festival.  I was soo worried, I would get to see that final vision in my head, and while yeah its kinda silly to be so rigid like that I thought of all the events this had to go this way to really creative a unique atmosphere.

My Idea had been to create a parklike setting complete with established trees.  I wanted people to call their friends list to come down and hang out.  Picnic, take photos, and relax and enjoy each others company.  The grid is a crazy fast moving place and we forgot to just relax sometimes, and can easily lose track of our friends.  We were able to obtain 2 sims that are so lovely, and adjacent to the Hosoi Ichiba.  I immediately started rezzing out prims and seeing what could be done with the space.  Its such a unique space,  and Ember called in some talented builders that have gotten right to work on it, and with such skill I was happy to take back my prims and breathe a sigh of relief.  I know I can get really hard headed and stubborn and controlling when it comes to the look of an event but to me its worth it and something I always have problems shaking in RL too.  So now we are at the part where I can sit back and work with cafe members to really plan some cool events.  Already we have  2 game nights for you to enjoy, an East Meets West Ball, a date auction–and ladies and gents trust me you wanna check this one out! I am working on a techo rave party thats stellar beyond all compare.  I am also looking into getting some live performers.  Today I was supposed to get to work on hunting down some Japanese DJ’s for some events earlier in the SL day.  When was the last time you got to hang out in Japan and party away to real Japanese DJ’s!   The list goes on!  We will be holding a silent auction throughout the entire festival, and can’t wait until you see the items we have for it, and items we have in vendors in our historical Japanese themed open air market.  More details will be released officially on The Cafe Society blog when I finalize them.  If you would like to participate by donating items for vendors or our auction please give me an IM inworld, you can also contact December Dollinger, Hibiscus Flossberg, and Ember Farina.  We are so honored by everyone who has donated items, and are happy to accept items you would like to contribute.  Most of all we would look forward to seeing all of you there to enjoy the events we have planned and help us raise funds for The American Cancer Society.

Scenes from Jail!

I was just able to smuggle these photos out of jail during my recent visit to check that Sachi was doing ok.

Brace yourself folks…This isn’t Pretty!

It gets worse….

and still…  Here Dana works with her lawyer to negotiate her release.

And who knew the Heart Bunch was soo Haute Couture!  I always imagined them in comfy gardening clothes and prim dirt under nails…

Come save our Sachi, by teleporting to Haute Couture (147, 120, 21), and pay the sign her bail money until 9pm slt tonight.  Note to single ladies….The jailors are kinda cute.  Come check out the hotties, I mean this horrible situation, please give generously to Relay for Life to Free them.

Save Sachi!

While the Relay Raiders (RFL Team) have issued an arrest warrant for Adam N Eve designer Sachi Vixen, she’s been on the run trying to avoid it.

Shown here you can see the panic on her face as she flees custody, and tries to hide out.  But alas folks, we know this cant last forever.  Relay Raiders are closing in on her and shes going to be jailed any moment.  Please help us get our Sachi back by helping us pool our resources and bailing her out of jail.  Not to mention many other SLebrity’s that need our help too.

Located at HAUTE STYLE & CO.   Haute Couture (147, 120, 21); from 6am to 9pm slt TODAY!