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So…the grid is showing its offline, which means that getting up this am to photograph and blog an awesome dress from Digit Darkes is out.  Which is really irksome.  I really like to stick to a schedule if I have made the effort to make one.   So I am gonna ramble on about things I have been working on, cause if I don’t get something done today I will scream.

So a couple months ago, Ember Farina, snags me to join the Friends Fighting Cancer team, and help plan some events.  I got all excited and then quickly realised how much The Cafe Society and its members work together.   Its a unique process the TCS goes through to put out an event.   Working with new people was overwhelming and really made me appreciate that relationship we have developed within The Cafe Society.   We have been doing things together for almost a year now, and we have something special.  Working with the FFC teams has been overwhelming, they have their things in progress and its a hustle to keep up with all the things they have going on.  They really have had some cool events.  But I always felt like the new kid in an extremely large school.  Ember has been fantastic to work with she has a lot of energy.  She liked my idea of a Cherry Blossom Festival and I got to work.  I traveled the grid, and did a lot of research on the interest, and got a vision of what I wanted to be, which is how i work.  Its been crazy trying to do this without hauling in my fellow cafe members, and I finally did cause I know at the end of the day, when I say something they get it, or a close facsimile.  I was worried that this wouldn’t be the case with the festival.  I was soo worried, I would get to see that final vision in my head, and while yeah its kinda silly to be so rigid like that I thought of all the events this had to go this way to really creative a unique atmosphere.

My Idea had been to create a parklike setting complete with established trees.  I wanted people to call their friends list to come down and hang out.  Picnic, take photos, and relax and enjoy each others company.  The grid is a crazy fast moving place and we forgot to just relax sometimes, and can easily lose track of our friends.  We were able to obtain 2 sims that are so lovely, and adjacent to the Hosoi Ichiba.  I immediately started rezzing out prims and seeing what could be done with the space.  Its such a unique space,  and Ember called in some talented builders that have gotten right to work on it, and with such skill I was happy to take back my prims and breathe a sigh of relief.  I know I can get really hard headed and stubborn and controlling when it comes to the look of an event but to me its worth it and something I always have problems shaking in RL too.  So now we are at the part where I can sit back and work with cafe members to really plan some cool events.  Already we have  2 game nights for you to enjoy, an East Meets West Ball, a date auction–and ladies and gents trust me you wanna check this one out! I am working on a techo rave party thats stellar beyond all compare.  I am also looking into getting some live performers.  Today I was supposed to get to work on hunting down some Japanese DJ’s for some events earlier in the SL day.  When was the last time you got to hang out in Japan and party away to real Japanese DJ’s!   The list goes on!  We will be holding a silent auction throughout the entire festival, and can’t wait until you see the items we have for it, and items we have in vendors in our historical Japanese themed open air market.  More details will be released officially on The Cafe Society blog when I finalize them.  If you would like to participate by donating items for vendors or our auction please give me an IM inworld, you can also contact December Dollinger, Hibiscus Flossberg, and Ember Farina.  We are so honored by everyone who has donated items, and are happy to accept items you would like to contribute.  Most of all we would look forward to seeing all of you there to enjoy the events we have planned and help us raise funds for The American Cancer Society.


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