Kellie Iwish of Elate! is an up and coming new designer to watch. A member of Fashion Consolidated, and armed with a cute little boutique of goodies, I can’t wait for her to release more and more. I think anyone whose been to Elate! can tell you the Felicity dress is adorable and sexy-a total hit. Her clothing well thought out, the textures and construction well done. I look forward to seeing more from her as she grows her store. Shown here are from left to right five dresses I picked up a while ago when Helke Duetmann first spotted Elate! and tp’d me in to check out the fancies. I was instantly thrilled to find a dress to match my recently purchased Paper Couture shoes that I had bought for another outfit that hadn’t worked out. Then I saw the Felicity dress. Helke is known for traveling around the grid and finding fresh new stores out there and at the time I hadn’t heard of Elate!, and Ms. Iwish had just finished a fashion show. Eager to get my hands on these dresses I began to buy then up left and right.

Elate! Dresses from left to right all shown with Hair: Armidi-Angel I-Auburn; are Dress 1: Elate! – Kitty worn with Shoes: Paper Couture- Lierre Ankle Wrap – growth; Dress 2: Elate!-Charlie Dress worn with Shoes: Tesla-Estrella Blac; Dress 3: Elate!-Felicity worn with Shoes:Tesla-Estrella Black; Dress 4: Felicity-Sky worn with Shoes:Tesla-Estrella Blackand Dress 5: Elate! – Raeva worn with Shoes: Maitreya=Grace-Black.

I had thought at the time I had purchased everything save one dress in the store, but alas the grid was unstable and I only ended up with five. Not too bad, as it gives me an excuse to go back always on the lookout for her next design. But to me this cute little Felcity in red is just to die for.

Elate! is located in Wuthering Heights (167, 34, 25)


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