Night out

Last night Gary and I hit Game Day at the RFL Cherry Blossom Festival on Virgin Island 4.  A lot has been planned, and a lot of work has gone into this festival with tons of live events, silent auctions, etc.  There is lots to see here so those who love to wander and explore you HAVE to come!  A planned Photo Contest is in the works too as there are photo points set up around the festival groups for you and your friends to record your fun.

Here Gary, Hibiscus and I enjoy a walk through the cherry trees…I think we are all wearing a lot of artilleri.  Bust have been the theme for the day  😉  Love Auntie!

So much to see and do here but I got quite a surprise!


Gary and I soon ditched Hibiscus and went off to cuddle and explore on our own

We wound up our evening with a game of Selbyword and picnicking under a cherry tree.  Gary beat me..dammit.

Grab some friends..come hang out and explore..check out our art exhibition, silent auctions, vendors, and chill to some live events, or come play some games..   Virgin Island 3  and Virgin Island 4


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