Adam N Eve’s Samantha Dress

Adam N Eve‘s latest creation…the Samantha dress…Sex in the City inspired!  Sachi plans more inspired gowns for the keep a look out.  But check this one out!

Dress: Adam n Eve – Samantha dress shown in red and white with both long and short skirt options; Necklace: VG Republic-Circle Charm Necklace (color changeable) shown in Red and White; Bangles: VG Republic-Gold & Resin Bangle (color changeable) shown in Red and White; Earrings: VG Republic-Crystal Chandelier Earring; Shoes: Adam N Eve- Volar in Flame, and Armidi Gisaci- Barcelona Slingback White; Hair: ETD Hayden – Copper

If one were going to dress Samantha..this would definitely be a dress for her..its so sexy..its lethal.  Shown here in Red and White versions it’s soft, it’s silky, it’s curvy, it’s so Samantha!  Samantha comes in various shades, and each come with two skirt options..long and short.  Each skirt option makes a nice change to the clingy bodice.  The only problem is I have both dresses fighting in my inventory to be worn.  They need a Hot Date!…Oh Gary?…hmmm  but which skirt to wear…

Adam N Eve is located in Genesis


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