Adam N Eve’s new hair and new textures.

Adam N Eve just released this..Rosie, shown here in Flame, and Burnt Ochre. While I love Adam n Eve, I haven’t been the biggest fan of their textures..I have loved some…on others like the brunettes and blonde tones, but the reds never grabbed me they ran brassy. But I also think there was something going on with my viewer and graphics card too that made them all the brassier.

But I don’t have to worry about that any more cause Sachi redid her reds! OMG! I am loving them…the Flame is FLAME, with a bit of copper for highlight, its a lovely shade I will probably wear as my default red shade from Adam N Eve, not a bit of brass to this and its perfect. Her Burnt Ochre is a nice deep auburn. The hair style though Rosie..was just what I was looking for to wear today..something stylish, yet flippy..its summer and I wanna feel it it.

Adam N Eve-Rosie Flame

A & E Rosie Flame

Adam N Eve-Rosie Burnt Ochre

A & E Rosie Burnt Ochre

The perfect hair for a summer day! Adam N Eve is located in Genesis


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