Whimsy Whimsy Whimsy

Phaylen Fairchild of Divas, yes the show and the store Diva Designs, released a number of yummy dresses, most notably…giggles…Whimsy!   A cute, fun, summery dress in pinks and greens, with…oh my goodness..Daisies?..my birth flower?  Ok, if they aren’t..shh…I said they were.


Well to celebrate this cute little dress I had to throw on my Whimsy hair in conker from Adam N Eve, with my Wicked Whimsy skin from Sasy..(private collection) ;P, and topped it all off with Hi-Flo‘s The Whimsycal jewelry set (lovely ladybugs…again ;P), and to complete it Hi-Flo’s Green Crystal Bangles cause they were a perfect match.   So I am tres summery chic and ready for a picnic…all done up in…me!


Glitter Girl & Home Culture

Thank the lord for sports!  The other night while Gary was watching the All Stars Baseball game or something like that, I took the opportunity to sneak out to the store for beer, and hit Glitter Girl & Home Culture.  While I was familiar with Theta Marseille’s work with her Glitter Girl line of jewelry, I hadn’t checked out Home Culture yet, her furniture store.

Glitter Girl Moda-Citrine Earrings

Available in many colors, they are simple and elegant.  Very useful for casual and formal wear.  Glitter Girl’s prices are extremely affordable while providing lovely additions to your jewelry chest.  Above on the left is the Moda Quad in Citrine, and the Moda Single in Citrine on the right.

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Pick A Room

So, the drama continues at home, despite repeatedly trying to address the domestic arrangements with Gary.  With Shoe Expo, and the Beach/Lingerie Fair in full swing I found myself rushing about to make it over to blog the events.  But alas, no.  I made it as far as picking up the new release from League,  a lovely halter dress and some leggings, and did I make it to blog the event or even the new release.  Nope.

League-Halter Dress with Leggings in Silver

So instead I did chores around the house…what do I get for it besides a prim dust bunny free house?

[10:52]  Gary Beebe: Well hippy fuckin’ hurray, finally you get to the cleaning

[10:52]  Whimsy Winx: yeah see if I am in the mood to put out tonight

So my dreams of blogging the Fair and Expo are squashed but this ain’t over.  No Sirreee! I still have a few tricks up my sleeve.

VR Foundry’s Licentious (Dark Brown)

I’m a Glam It Girl dammit, and I refuse to be treated like a house maid cause I work from home.  So I do the dishes and consider my strategy.  What do I have…well I am a IT girl, my weapons are social connections, fashion, and my body…so if he wants a fight…Bring It!

VR Foundry’s  Fantasy dress

So…I remember some quote my momma told me about roles in the home, I can’t recall the original source, but here it is…

VR Foundry’s Scandalous

“I can be highly skilled in one room in the house, and one room only. You pick the room.”

League’s Wide Belted Outfit

So,  it now seems I am available for lunch ladies.  Pass the champagne.

VR Foundry (Fashion & Fetish) items are designed by Vivian Rail, and are located at VR Foundry (164, 132, 51)

League is located in Steam Forge a steam punk themed sim in FairChang Lost Isle, or type League in Search-Places  take the Stream Forge TP.

Hard Work

Ok, so last night Gary comes home from work…finally…I mean I only see him maybe for an hour or two a day at most, and while I get to see him, I barely get to even ask how his day went if there is an event we have to attend. Yeah I know, cry me a river, but seriously, come on. We both get home last night, and we are tired and grumpy he’s been at work, and I’ve been off scouring the grid for fashion. We have a moment were we have a second to talk while in the shower…yes we are into water conservation at our house, and guess what happens.

Just look at the picture for a minute and you tell me whats wrong. Me…I see a wonderful moment where my true love is devoting a little time to me…what does he see…guess!

If you guessed that he saw the basket of dirty laundry in the back, and got mad…you guessed right. Seriously, he got mad cause I spent the day working on a blog post and didn’t do the laundry. Like I have time to do laundry…I am trying to work out details for the next Design Challenge for The Cafe Society, and making sure that my photos are well done to showcase items, and he wants to bitch about laundry. Keep in mind…I don’t own a washer and dryer…I tried to build one, and got the whole thing made…but didn’t have the textures…he could have bought me one…he knows where to get them…the really nice scripted ones with a little slap and tickle in them too…does that even inspire him to buy me a set…no…the man has never been in the kitchen of our new house yet, and we moved in like early April.

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I happened upon League by accident and was wowed when I did.  I had been on the hunt for some sexy dresses and was finding them here and there but I needed one WOWSA dress.  I had logged into OnRez and there on the first page was the Scoop Dress from League in brown.  I had to have it, so I check the sellers name and was stunned to see it was Nena Janus, who I had chatted with many times in the Fashion Consolidated Cafe group.  I immediately teleported over to League in the very cool steampunk themed sim that happened to be owned by the guy that makes my alts steampunk neko ears and tail.   Nena really does great work, I snagged a couple of things, and went back later from some amazing booty shorts, and tees.

League’s Scoop Dress in Silver

Scoop Dress

This dress was exactly what I had been looking for, it comes in a variety of colors and I am considering grabbing them all.   The Scoop Dress comes with a choice of single or double scoop in front, the double shown here, and a scoop in the back.  The dress is perfect for clubbing, and parties.

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