Hard Work

Ok, so last night Gary comes home from work…finally…I mean I only see him maybe for an hour or two a day at most, and while I get to see him, I barely get to even ask how his day went if there is an event we have to attend. Yeah I know, cry me a river, but seriously, come on. We both get home last night, and we are tired and grumpy he’s been at work, and I’ve been off scouring the grid for fashion. We have a moment were we have a second to talk while in the shower…yes we are into water conservation at our house, and guess what happens.

Just look at the picture for a minute and you tell me whats wrong. Me…I see a wonderful moment where my true love is devoting a little time to me…what does he see…guess!

If you guessed that he saw the basket of dirty laundry in the back, and got mad…you guessed right. Seriously, he got mad cause I spent the day working on a blog post and didn’t do the laundry. Like I have time to do laundry…I am trying to work out details for the next Design Challenge for The Cafe Society, and making sure that my photos are well done to showcase items, and he wants to bitch about laundry. Keep in mind…I don’t own a washer and dryer…I tried to build one, and got the whole thing made…but didn’t have the textures…he could have bought me one…he knows where to get them…the really nice scripted ones with a little slap and tickle in them too…does that even inspire him to buy me a set…no…the man has never been in the kitchen of our new house yet, and we moved in like early April.

So here’s how it went at my house last night:

Gary Beebe: you’re ravishing

Gary Beebe: you have laundry all over the place, what are you doing all day?

You: omg

You: do you know what my days are like?

You: I don’t think you do

Gary Beebe: yeah laying around and eating chocolates is hard work

You: OMG

You: I work hard on my blog

You: do you know what its like slepping all over the grid for clothes (OK I admit a typo here I meant Schlep-but Gary isn’t up on Yiddish typos)

You: do you know how much I pay in gas for the benz to hunt on the mainland

You: oh and you never got the air fixed in it thanks, so I look like a nightmare when I get to the store

You: I slave all day building blogging and putting together events and this is what I get

Gary Beebe: and I get the news of you sleeeping all over the grid


You: are you suggesting I am sleeping all over the grid

Gary Beebe: whats slepping?

Gary Beebe: whats slepping?

You: smarty ass
Whimsy Winx slaps gary
Gary Beebe: ow

You: can you just be civil in the one night a week we have to spend time together

Gary Beebe: well maybe I’d be civil if I lived in a civil environment instead of a pig sty

Gary Beebe: and look at you, I come home and you’re in curlers all day

You: omg I worked hard all day and stop and take a shower and get ready for you to finally come home so I look nice and this is the treatment I get

You: I am going to sit in the hot tub

You: well I will as soon as my bathing suit rezzes

Gary Beebe: surprised you want to go back in after being in it all day

You: I spent all day walking around in 6 inch heels

Ok so this is how our wonderful evening went…Gary has no clue how hard I work…see exhibit A.

Exhibit A: Digit Darkes Antigua-Spain dress

I mean yeah…so the location I choose just happened to be on our upper terrace…and had champagne and truffles… but…hold on a moment…Chocolate Truffle : Mmmm, dark Belgian chocolate, Whimsy Winx! Chocolate Truffle : Mmmm.. Chocolate Truffle : Mmmm, that was yummy, Whimsy Winx! Ok…its not like I wasn’t working or anything right? I had to find three locations…find three poses….put on three dresses…and do all that in the muddy lag of WindLight on full settings…all while wearing some of the tallest stilletos in Second Life, and primmed to the max. He has no concept of what it took to even find that hat..Chocolate Truffle : Mmmm, dark Belgian chocolate, Whimsy Winx! BTW, thats the Evie white Elegance Hat, from Elegance Hats Chocolate Truffle : Mmmm.. Tp to Ivalde and its across from there. Chocolate Truffle : Mmmm, that was yummy, Whimsy Winx!

Exhibit B: Digit Darkes Antigua-Carribean dress

Is it my fault that the grid is my workplace…its not like I am sitting around on the beach all day…I had to fly over here ya know…I do live one sim over from a Bali themed sim. That’s my woodland themed sim in the back…this did take some effort as I approached from a different angle and had two border crossings to manage.

Exhibit C: Digit Darkes Antigua-Viola dress

And you can just hear what he’s gonna say when I get home tonight after work…some shit like how he has to take me out now cause of how I am dressed instead of lounging around…doing what? Another night of listening to him play with his shoes?

AKEYO_shoe_chuck LEFT: 7#olive#30
AKEYO_shoe_chuck RIGHT: 7#olive#34

Seriously.. am I the only one who has to deal with this bias that because I work from home and am a female the work around the house is my responsibility and my work isn’t taken seriously enough?

7 thoughts on “Hard Work

  1. LMAO! Can you believe that! OMG So glad he HASN’T seen the kitchen, I haven’t figured out how to use the dishwasher yet. ;P Thank god I haven’t bought a toilet yet too, or he’d expect me to scrub that too.

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