I happened upon League by accident and was wowed when I did.  I had been on the hunt for some sexy dresses and was finding them here and there but I needed one WOWSA dress.  I had logged into OnRez and there on the first page was the Scoop Dress from League in brown.  I had to have it, so I check the sellers name and was stunned to see it was Nena Janus, who I had chatted with many times in the Fashion Consolidated Cafe group.  I immediately teleported over to League in the very cool steampunk themed sim that happened to be owned by the guy that makes my alts steampunk neko ears and tail.   Nena really does great work, I snagged a couple of things, and went back later from some amazing booty shorts, and tees.

League’s Scoop Dress in Silver

Scoop Dress

This dress was exactly what I had been looking for, it comes in a variety of colors and I am considering grabbing them all.   The Scoop Dress comes with a choice of single or double scoop in front, the double shown here, and a scoop in the back.  The dress is perfect for clubbing, and parties.

League’s Strictly Business

Strictly Business

I love this suit, shown here with Celestial Studios Hobo Bag in black suede, and ETD’s Chalisa hair in copper. Strictly Business is a fun, flirty dress and I hope to wear it alot this fall.  I love the pleated flairs in the back of the skirt, and the buckles all over the jacket.   It’s construction is very well thought out prim and layer wise.

League’s Wide Belted Skirt outfit

Wide belted

Nena has two outfits with this name at her store, the other is similar but comes with a cream top.  This was a great buy when you consider you get two skirt colors with cool prim pleats, and numerous shirt options.  The shirts come on all layers, and there is a belt or no belt option.  Shown here in the picture is the back of the shirt detail on the belt.  Long and short sleeves with prim cuffs are also an option, and this black is a nice true black, that shows some great cleavage.

League also has some great jeans, amazing booty shorts, and skirts some of which are currently shown on her OnRez store here.

League is located in Steam Forge a steam punk themed sim in FairChang Lost Isle, or type League in Search-Places  take the Stream Forge TP.

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