Pick A Room

So, the drama continues at home, despite repeatedly trying to address the domestic arrangements with Gary.  With Shoe Expo, and the Beach/Lingerie Fair in full swing I found myself rushing about to make it over to blog the events.  But alas, no.  I made it as far as picking up the new release from League,  a lovely halter dress and some leggings, and did I make it to blog the event or even the new release.  Nope.

League-Halter Dress with Leggings in Silver

So instead I did chores around the house…what do I get for it besides a prim dust bunny free house?

[10:52]  Gary Beebe: Well hippy fuckin’ hurray, finally you get to the cleaning

[10:52]  Whimsy Winx: yeah see if I am in the mood to put out tonight

So my dreams of blogging the Fair and Expo are squashed but this ain’t over.  No Sirreee! I still have a few tricks up my sleeve.

VR Foundry’s Licentious (Dark Brown)

I’m a Glam It Girl dammit, and I refuse to be treated like a house maid cause I work from home.  So I do the dishes and consider my strategy.  What do I have…well I am a IT girl, my weapons are social connections, fashion, and my body…so if he wants a fight…Bring It!

VR Foundry’s  Fantasy dress

So…I remember some quote my momma told me about roles in the home, I can’t recall the original source, but here it is…

VR Foundry’s Scandalous

“I can be highly skilled in one room in the house, and one room only. You pick the room.”

League’s Wide Belted Outfit

So,  it now seems I am available for lunch ladies.  Pass the champagne.

VR Foundry (Fashion & Fetish) items are designed by Vivian Rail, and are located at VR Foundry (164, 132, 51)

League is located in Steam Forge a steam punk themed sim in FairChang Lost Isle, or type League in Search-Places  take the Stream Forge TP.