Glitter Girl & Home Culture

Thank the lord for sports!  The other night while Gary was watching the All Stars Baseball game or something like that, I took the opportunity to sneak out to the store for beer, and hit Glitter Girl & Home Culture.  While I was familiar with Theta Marseille’s work with her Glitter Girl line of jewelry, I hadn’t checked out Home Culture yet, her furniture store.

Glitter Girl Moda-Citrine Earrings

Available in many colors, they are simple and elegant.  Very useful for casual and formal wear.  Glitter Girl’s prices are extremely affordable while providing lovely additions to your jewelry chest.  Above on the left is the Moda Quad in Citrine, and the Moda Single in Citrine on the right.

Glitter Girl India Bronze Set

Another nice addition, I love the multiple bangles, and the earrings in this set are lovely as well.  Glitter Girl also sports an assortment of clutches for rock bottom prices.  Glitter Girl is also home to Theta’s furniture line Home Culture, which like her jewelry is simplistic, and heavily relies on form, and are reasonably priced.  If you are looking for a little something for here or there in the home and are on a budget this is the place.  I was able to snag some pictures before rushing off to..yay…baseball.

Home Culture

Glitter Girl & Home Culture are designed by Theta Marseille, her mainstore located in Soyeonpyeongdo.

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