Confessions of a Shopaholic

On my way to LaLa FooFoo, I decided to check out one of her satellite stores and browse the other shops there, but when I went into LaRue Laval’s profile, I noticed she had ACGirl’s group in it.  I hadn’t heard of it, so I double clicked it, found the owner Achi Little, and tp’d over.   Turns out, ACgirl is a Japanese designed store, full of yummy goodies.  I grabbed a couple of freebies she had, a bloody tee, and I think an outfit which I haven’t had the chance to check out yet.  She had the cutest packs of skirts.  I grabbed Type A pack.  Each pack comes with 4 tops, and three patterned skirts.

ACgirl JP Skirt & Bare Top – Type A

Outfit: ACgirl-JP Skirt & Bare Top <<A>>
Hair:  *TRUTH* Angel – Panama
Shoes:  Stiletto Moody – O Wedge – (Silver)

The skirts are tiered perfectly with a lovely flow and come in various Japanese prints.  Paired with the included tops,  its a very nice summer look.   I loved how well they worked with other items in my inventory and paired them with an assortment of items from other designers and found the skirts to be a welcome addition to my wardrobe.

Home from my shopping trip

Top: *Shai* Roche Silk Charmeuse Tank Nude
Vest: (Elephant Outfitters) Andi Denim Vest – Pale Blue
Skirt: ( ACgirl ) Skirt Type << A >> 01
Hair: Adam N Eve- Roxy 2 – bblond
Lashes: Minnu Model Skins-Thora Lashes
Skin: Adam N Eve- Adam n Eve Skin – Persephone t3 – Make up Gold
Sunglasses: Dernier Cri-Shades 01 Tortoise Shell – Tan
Purse: Celestial Studios-Hobo Bag – Denim
Jewelry: SLink Wood and Turquoise Jewelry Set
Bangles:  +plus*June Bangles*
Bangles:  AC Big Bangle Wood
Shoes: Armidi Gisaci- Viniani Heel – Bole
Luggage:  Argyle-Travelers suitcase

But what really stuck out there was an amazing deal!  Inspired by Madonna’s Confessions on a Dance Floor album.  Achi Little took it a step further and includes two poses front print work done for the album.  So I had a little fun in photoshop.

Madonna Confessions on a Dance Floor

Parody of Inner Jacket Media

Outfit: ( ACgirl )MADONNYA comes with 2 poses
Hair: ETD Lannah – Orange Burnt
Tights: Devilish Cupcake~FishyPants-White/colorchange (tinted Rum Pink)
Shoes: Jaywalk: Billie – Fuchsia

It was a fun shopping trip, and I picked up tons of little things here and there along the way.  If you take the TP in Achi Littles Profile, there are two in her picks, take the one to Mebius Mall, or tp to her main store located at Japan MALIBU Resort (174, 185, 22).
ETD: Elika Tiramisu Designs, ETD Isle (187, 198, 31)

Devilish Cupcake Roller Disco, Talana (150, 99, 60)

Jaywalk by Lyra Muse, Lithium City (64, 7, 26)
Truth, Truth Island (158, 134, 29)

Stiletto Moody Shoes, Stiletto Moody (43, 42, 23)

Casa Del Shai (148, 127, 692)

Adam n Eve, Genesis (80, 94, 39)

Minnu Model Skins, Glam World (100, 176, 23)

Celestial Studios, Celestial City (68, 240, 27)

Dernier Cri, Dernier Cri (129, 134, 28)

Slink.  The art of beauty, Slink (127, 140, 22)

+Plus, Ravens Requiem (29, 35, 23)

AC Aphrodite Creations, Breakers dAlliez (241, 14, 24)

Armidi Gisaci – Accessories, Shoes, Sunglasses, Armidi (128, 141, 26)

Argyle Main Store,  Wingo (90, 82, 51)