Crazy Days

Well the suspense is killing me…I have had a few sneak peeks at various styles from designers i know,  but they didn’t let me peek at everything…and they aren’t the only ones at Hair Fair!  Almost 90 hair designers!  Good Lord!  The need for new hair is getting to me!  I know I’m not the only one chomping at the bit for it to start..BTW  open to the public on Friday, August 22, 2008.  YES! THIS FRIDAY!!  Click here for all the yummy details.

As you can see I need new hair badly…

;P  actually this is the MiaSnow hair everyone is raving about an exclusive lucky chair item only.  Better get in on it!  It’s totally fab!  I mean seriously! I snagged this super cute outfit called Shekey in Pink from Line.  I wandered into Line after a very sad crawl around the grid totally on my own as Gary was dealing with Malware problems, so sad…tear…I had to use my own lindens to shop.  So there I was waiting for the expected furniture store to rez, (it did I was just standing in the wrong area)  and I saw this!  Zippir Kayo the designer behind Line does furniture, clothing and accesories.  She had a nice selection of chucks, ankle boots, pumps, boots, and flip flops, all in stunning bright colors.  I grabbed a couple of outfits and lugged them home to check out.

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