Alice’s Garden

One of the things I love about Second Life is the stuff you find along the way to somewhere else.  I had been looking for an autumn themed sim.  Initially I went to Tempura Island to take some photos but there were too many people there to really get anything done.  So I hit search, and used Autumn and Fall as my search string but mostly found places that really weren’t what I had in mind.  Along the way I found Alice’s Garden.

Alice’s Garden sells prefabs, vehicles, trees, and other garden items that are well textured, scripted, and amazingly well priced.  Initially I had found her location at Avendale Mystery, which featured a little prefab, trees, plants, and tree houses.  After searching the designer Aino Beresford’s profile, I found another location at Dojo Tristan, which had a few more.  Check out what I found.

The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse prefab
The Lighthouse prefab

I really fell in love with this.  The textures are dreamy, features a trap door inside leading underwater, various areas outside for relaxing,  a nice full main room, and the light house tour with a winding stair leading up to the top.  I am still obsessing over it,  it’s only a matter of time before I snag it.  Available for a sweet price at $799.

Two tree houses are available, they are adorable, in the light house picture above the area is covered with grasses, they are on a temp rezzer and I cleaned the area so that you can better see the tree houses in the next pictures, so you will see the area at the bottom suspended at water level on display.

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Adam N Eve-Skai Boots

Damen Gorilla of Adam N Eve has been hard at work creating an amazing pair of boots for us boot-a-holics…the Skai boot.  Tall and sleek its a wonderful boot for this fall season that goes well with pants and skirts, easily dressed up or down. I especially love the blue of the Calypso, and the rich purple of Delight.  Whats even better is right now they are a special price for the launch! Launch Price (On 25th Aug 2008 through 26th August 2008), L$200 per pair L$1500 MultiBuy (L$188 each).   After that date they will be available at their original price, so I would stock up now for fall with the MultiBuy, cause you can’t beat a $188 price tag on awesome boots classically designed so that you could wear them for years..its a wardrobe investment for sure.  Sculpted and available in 8 colors!

Adam N Eve – Skai boots – Chocolate, Delight, Black, and Calypso

Adam N Eve-Skai Boots with Thimbles- Svetlana Takes the Bus

Bangles:VG Republic – Double Gold/Resin Bangles
Shirt: League – Wide Belted II Black Shirt-long sleeved (shirt layer)
Skirt/Corset: Thimbles – Svetlana Takes the Bus  (corset-black)
Hair: Dernier Cri – Hannah with bangs
Skin: Adam n Eve – Persephone t3 – Make up Creme
Boots: Adam N Eve – Skai boots – Chocolate

To have the car sent round:  VG Republic, League, Thimbles, Dernier Cri, Adam N Eve