Alice’s Garden

One of the things I love about Second Life is the stuff you find along the way to somewhere else.  I had been looking for an autumn themed sim.  Initially I went to Tempura Island to take some photos but there were too many people there to really get anything done.  So I hit search, and used Autumn and Fall as my search string but mostly found places that really weren’t what I had in mind.  Along the way I found Alice’s Garden.

Alice’s Garden sells prefabs, vehicles, trees, and other garden items that are well textured, scripted, and amazingly well priced.  Initially I had found her location at Avendale Mystery, which featured a little prefab, trees, plants, and tree houses.  After searching the designer Aino Beresford’s profile, I found another location at Dojo Tristan, which had a few more.  Check out what I found.

The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse prefab
The Lighthouse prefab

I really fell in love with this.  The textures are dreamy, features a trap door inside leading underwater, various areas outside for relaxing,  a nice full main room, and the light house tour with a winding stair leading up to the top.  I am still obsessing over it,  it’s only a matter of time before I snag it.  Available for a sweet price at $799.

Two tree houses are available, they are adorable, in the light house picture above the area is covered with grasses, they are on a temp rezzer and I cleaned the area so that you can better see the tree houses in the next pictures, so you will see the area at the bottom suspended at water level on display.

Treehouse #1

The Treehouse #1 Prefab
The Treehouse #1 Prefab

Treehouse #2

Treehouse #2 Prefab
Treehouse #2 Prefab

Both tree houses are built into willows, and fully scripted to change seasons.  Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, Leaves on , Leaves off are the scripted features when you click on these, and any of the trees for sale.  A nice variety of Pines, Beeches, Willows, and Red Oaks are here, as well as grasses.

Another prefab on site is the Garden Shed, a steal at $199, yes that wasn’t a typo, $199!  I snagged that, and ran off to install it at my studio, my cute and cosy little home away from home.

Alice’s Garden – The Garden Shed

The adorable little garden shed
The adorable little garden shed

Shown here with the porch decorated in furniture from Shabby Flamingo, which is available at the Dojo Tristan location, which the Garden Shed does double duty as a store for them.  Thats what I think I liked the most about the prefabs,  The Lighthouse, and the Garden Shed, and a few more I found onsite that arent available yet for sale, easily switch between a main home, garden addition, grotto, and even a store easily.


So cute, and yes the sign next to them says Merry Go Rounds
So cute, and yes the sign next to them says Merry Go Rounds

The mushrooms I wasn’t able to explore the mushroom to get the chance to play with to see any features, or the advertised Merry Go Rounds, which I assume are on a temp rezzer there.  Along with the cute mushrooms, they had very interesting vehicles, again I didn’t get the chance to fully check them out, but I am going back.  The Bird Chairs, and the Bird Sub were well textures, and incredibly interesting.  They are the nonsensical wondrous contraptions of our dreams brought to life in our virtual world, and worth a look over.  The Bird Chairs are $120, while the Bird Sub Mini is $199.

The Bird Sub Mini

Bird Sub Mini
Bird Sub Mini

The Bird Chairs

Bird Chairs at Alices Garden
Bird Chairs at Alice's Garden

I picked up my latest toy here too,  tried to get one for a friend but alas they are No Copy/No Mod/No Trans, so I am waiting for the designer to get back to be so I can have her send one.  It’s the Nature Poofer.  Designed to be worn, it will rez out via menu a variety of fun nature themes, plants, flowers.  I tried them out on a 40×40 platform and found they filled the space.   Via menu you can rez out fun things, like a variety of flowers I felt were not to my liking, but its also loaded with cool stuff,  a tornado…yes I giant tornado, fog, ghosts, bees, cats, swamp, dead marsh, a variety of grasses.   These all stay where you rez them, until you hit clean on the menu, so you could easily create atmosphere on your parcel and even an entire sim.  I took pics, but I couldnt really capture how cool with a limited amount of space while still letting you see the amount.  So you will have to go demo it yourself onsite, click the white box next to the Nature Poofer sign, if its covered with Grasses or a marsh,  go to Advanced – Rendering – Types – and either Alpha or Particles, should hide them while you locate the box.  To start anew  hit Clean, and wait a minute for it to clear the area, while your turn your rendering back on.


Check out Alice’s Garden, I have slurls at the top of the post to both locations.  Its a fun little store, and you have to come see.


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