Long Awkward Pose & SLink

Red Carpet Diva is the name of the new release from Long Awkward Pose.   Instant show off dead sexy glamour poses, that Dove Swanson was excited about creating and stated they were subtle and she was right.

Red Carpet Diva
Red Carpet Diva

Dove Swanson says her inspiration came from red carpet moments over time, the pack has 10 poses that suit formal wear but I love what happens when your wearing casual clothes.  Great posing with the arms staying close to the body to keep the focus there, awesome hip positions, and she didn’t forget we have legs under our dresses too.  She said these would look great in an ao too, and i agree the transitions between poses are perfect for it.  Never are they over the top farce Diva, these are true poses letting you own that diva moment without looking a poseur.  The 10 pose pack is copy/no trans and available by singles too at Long Awkward Pose (tp).  Check out LAP’s flickr group too, as she released details for a photo contest.  Better hurry contest ends October 1st.

Hair: Uncleweb Studio – Aisha II-type A-Mocha Brown; Skin: Adam n Eve – Persphone – T3 – Purr; Top: Archange-Fernanda – Halter Top + Shirt; Jeans: Zaara – Classic Blue, with slouchy prim pant legs; Boots: Jaywalk – Liah – Chocolate (without calf prim parts).

SLink‘s latest release the Reloaded Coat, an inspired recreation of another leather coat she had designed.  This time she went daring and used lush textures and bold cuts to create a coat that will make you want to wear out as evening wear.

Reloaded by SLink
Reloaded by SLink

While photographing them I had to stop myself from slipping on a pair of heels and an updo, just as much as a pair of over the knee thigh highs and some goth skin.  The coats are well designed you could easily go from day to evening in them, the long prim skirt moves well, the seams perfect.  I adjusted my prim skirt to a smaller size, and slid it down a tad on my body to my liking and also noted in theory you could easily slid it up effecting an empire waist for a new look too.  The colors she released it in are bold, even that cream is a bold with the neckline, and length and will look amazing in winter months.  The high neckline with buckle draws attention to your face, while that keyhole bodice cut keeps the men focused on you, the zipper keeps the eye moving lower, while the high collar back of the neck, accommodates some the recent hair releases parted away from the nape that will show it off perfectly,  Reloaded comes in Brown, Gold, Cream, Red, and Black, and is available at SLink (tp).  Siddean recently re-released her suede coat in pinks too so check those out when you get there too.

Hair: Maitreya – Emma; Skin: Adam n Eve – Persphone – T3 – Purr; Jeans: Zaara – Classic Blue, Boots: Maitreya – Dune.

Fall Looks

I love sweater dresses, and wrap dresses, and v-neck lines, so I am over the moon with some new releases, and pulled out some things I already owned to see how well they will all work together in my fall wardrobe.   Most recently PixelDolls, Adam n Eve, and Novocaine have released dresses along these lines, some favorites I already owned are from Vitamin Ci, Karamia, and Icing, and I just discovered So Many Styles.   I can’t wait to pull together some more accessories and some handbags to complete these looks,  I so regret having not picked up the fatpacks of Maitreya Dune boots too thus far. After photographing all of these, it became quite clear I really need to stock up more on tights, and stockings, and boots-I am a firm believer in you can never have enough boots.  But I discovered my latest item to obsess over and wear until the pixels fade, a pair of freebie stockings from Sheer-the wrinkled ones.

PixelDolls - New Release
PixelDolls - New Release

Can I gush enough about the wrinkled stockings from Sheer? PixelDolls has a number of dresses they have released recently that are stylish, Cashmere shown in Moss, and Cozy shown in Crimson.  Hair by PixelSalon, located at PixelDolls is Melora which comes with a colorchangable Hud, and other Color Huds are available for $100 each separately.  I’m also wearing JayWalk’s Liah Boots in Onyx.   Tights and stockings from Sheer, and G.L.A.M, both free gifts instore.  The G.L.A.M tights are tintable, and the store is also known as VG Republic.    Teleports:  PixelDolls G.L.A.M Sheer JayWalk

Adam n Eves Clement Sweater Dresses
Adam n Eve's Clement Sweater Dresses

Adam n Eve just released the Clement Sweater Dresses, shown here in Teal and Red.   The teal dress is shown with PixelSalon’s Apollonia hair (color hud), Paper Couture Tights (free store gift), and Maitreya’s Bloom Boots in White.  The red dress is shown with PixelSalon’s Melora hair, Sheer’s Zebra stockings (free gift), and Gracile’s City Girl boots, which are color/texture changeable shown in White Snakeskin.      Teleports:  Adam n Eve PixelSalon Maitreya Sheer Gracile

So Many Styles dresses
So Many Styles' dresses

So Many Styles was a fun find this week, I went on a hunt for sweater and wrap dresses and found this in search, so shame on me for not reading all my Fashion Consolidated notices as they are a vendor.  The Sweater Dress in Blue is shown with PixelSalon’s Apollonia hair, with G.L.A.M’s tights, and Gracile’s City Girl boots.  The Sporty Dress in black I wasn’t initially going to blog, and thought I would have to contact the owner, as there is a slightest of gaps at the seams where the shirt meets the pant at the waist.  After going over all the items I purchased at So Many Styles, I mentioned it to another designer who told me about a current Second Life glitch that will make this happen.  She recommended waiting a bit and checking it again, and showed me on her designs this was happening occasionally but it stops after awhile.  So Many Styles appears to be well constructed, as you can see they do nice shadow and highlights so they really do know what they are doing, after careful consideration, I am choosing to accept based on the quality of their pieces that this is the glitch not the designers fault.  But since I am blogging it I do want people to be aware if they see this at this store or elsewhere to consider the designers work before rushing to send notecards for fixes. I would recommend this store to anyone, they have a lot of great clothes, and even some cool African turbans if you have been hunting for them.  The Sporty Dress in black features lovely prim sleeves, I love the stripes going down them, and the contrast around the hems.  It was hard not to buy the fatpack, but alas lindens no longer grow on trees for some of us.  Shown with PixelSalon hair and Gracile Boots already mentioned.        Teleports:  So Many Styles G.L.A.M. PixelSalon Gracile

Vitamin Ci & Novocaine
Vitamin Ci & Novocaine

New release from Novocaine on the right is the Genevieve Long Sweater in honey, they released a number of colors, and this with its prim sleeves, skirt, and most especially the color changeable belt make it worthy purchase.  Shown with PixelSalon hair, G.L.A.M. tights, and JayWalk’s Liah Boot in Mahogany.   On the left is Vitamin Ci‘s Terry in brown,  no glitch pants with this so pair it with some fun panties, borrow another items glitch pants, or make your own.  Also shown with G.L.A.M tights, PixelSalon hair, and Adam n Eve’s Skai boots in Chocolate.   Teleports: Adam n Eve PixelSalon G.L.A.M JayWalk Novocaine Vitamin Ci

Icing & Karamia
Icing & Karamia

Two chic dresses from Icing and Karamia!  Icing’s Pinstripe Princess (can’t beleive I almost bought this twice-I liked it so much when I saw it I forgot I owned it already, I swear you HAVE to shop with your inventory open) shown with PixelSalon hair, and Gracile City Girl boots this time in Red.  Karamia’s wrap dress is a long standing favorite of mine, featuring lots of primwork, and I desperately have craved in a million other colors too, but alas it only comes in black.  Shown with the stockings it comes with, and JayWalk’s Liah boots in Onyx.  Teleports:  Icing Karamia PixelSalon JayWalk

What I really liked about the majority of these dresses is that they came with the bodices on multiple layers so you can wear them with coats, and jackets, they all had great prim parts.  All skin shown here is Adam n Eve Skin – Persephone t3 – Make up Purr.  Available at Adam n Eve.

Pop Feel * House of Heart

Pop Feel is a Japanese store I like to frequent.  I hadn’t been there in a while, and was surprised to find they have a Main Store now incorporating all their designs.  In the past the designer has maintained two somewhat main stores, one with western casual items, and the other with items that its hard to describe other then a contemporary fusion of Japanese traditional wear.   I grabbed a set and took off to wear it so fast, I forgot to buy the other two variations of it, and now get to go back…hmmm, maybe I subconsciously planned that.

Pop Feel & House of Heart
Pop Feel & House of Heart

This sweater set is called Lattice Handle Vest Suit1 Set perfect for fall, and I took off to the Bantam Dell Book Store in it as it made me reminisce about campus book stores, cafes, and coffee.  The bottom of the Sweater Bodice is a prim that adds some depth, and the oh so cute shorts come with prim short legs adding to the effect.  Tights are included.  For me the prims fit perfectly with a minor lengthening of the bodice prim, super easy to do, and I simply lowered my short prims a teensy bit.  They are very simple prims and its always fun to see what someone else can do to a wearable prim without making it sculpty.

House of Heart - Fairytale - Bitter Chocolate
House of Heart - Fairytale - Bitter Chocolate

I thought House of Heart‘s FairyTale hair in Bitter Chocolate with the cute bow in the back (color changeable) set it off to perfection, with my Armidi Gisaci Oxford Leather Ankle Boot in Persian Red, and my Fleur Vivant Bronze skin Paon (Group Gift).  The set is available as separates on the main wall of the store, but I found since I was going to buy them to wear together initially I got a savings buying them as a set in the display at the front of the store.

House of Hearts Miranda
House of Heart's Miranda

House of Heart had some really cute curly do’s.   I don’t know what it is about curls and guys, but its the same thing as freckles and guys… they go nuts for them..So its a good thing I like these or Gary and I would be having some words for sure.  Both the Fairytale and the Miranda are curly and bouncy,  well put together they could dress up or remain causal and I love items that do that.  Miranda is shown with Adam n Eve‘s Faux Fur coat in Dark Brown, and SLink‘s Isabelle Skin Sunkissed Makeup 6.

House of Hearts Amber
House of Heart's Amber

The Amber is a midlength and straight and tested my powers of hair editing to the limit.  I have gotten very used to throwing on a hair, and doing minor adjustments via Edit Linked Parts,  I rarely stretch an entire hair anymore, and this style caused my big ole head to stick out the back, but in the end all the editing (took forever cause I hate stretching hair-pfft user error) paid off for this chic look.  Shown with  Artilleri‘s Kats Coat in Maroon, and Belleza skin Ange Dore NS Honey Brown.

Teleports to mentioned stores:  Adam N Eve Armidi Artilleri Belleza Fleur SLink

House of Heart

Pop Feel (Main Store)

La Sylphide – Erin

La Sylphide has just released their new skin line-Erin.  Erin is a fusion of hand painting and sourcing, with good seam work, and is available in two skin tones,  Light and Tan.

Shown from top to bottom are make ups: Erin Light Brown, Erin Light Smoky Crimson, Erin Light Smoky Fuschia, Erin Light Soft Pink, Erin Tan Cocoa, Erin Tan Smoky Blood Red, Erin Tan Smoky Hot Pink, Erin Tan Smoky Pale

La Sylphide - Erin - Light
La Sylphide - Erin - Light

Both tones are subtle, and I found the light to be not too overly light, and the Tan to be a nice tone, not overly dark, or bronzed as Tan can run.  The all over tones with the hand painted highlighting shadows made for nice depth.  I photographed a selection of each tone with lashes (MMSkins – Thora) and without.  The pale makeup skin (last in each set) I found dreamy and am looking forward to wearing it out!  I don’t know what it is about pale make up-lips in particular that I currently find so appealing, but this one is really nice. I typically go for smoky eyes and pale lips and this delivered well.

La Sylphide - Erin - Tan
La Sylphide - Erin - Tan

The Erin line is available in 16 make up variations per skin tone, with demos available at La Sylphide.  All Lashes worn were (MMSkins – Thora,  Hair Aden’s Windblowen in Hazel, shown is SLink’s Wood and Turquoise Earrings, and Celestial Studios eyes in Light Brown.  Full Body photo shows Casa del Shai’s Tamara Lingerie, and Jaywalk’s Paige stilettos in black.

Teleports:  MMSKins Aden SLink Casa del Shai Jaywalk Celestial Studios

La Sylphide (mainstore)


Nita Charron in Fashion Emergency first told me about GoodLook.   She told me they had a set of six free shirts out, so I tp’d over to check them out and see what else they had, and I am so glad she did.  This store is a real find.  They design men’s and women’s clothes, and some people will be happy to know they are transferable too, though they are limited in layer options.  Still, they are a boutique sized store with a good selection for both sexes, sexy and stylish cuts, with a good palette, although it would have been great to find they offered more items in a true red.  What is up with people lately doing muted reds, or reds that run purpley.  I would think that the standard colors I would make after I made an outfit in the first inspired design would be white, black, and red.  But lately its becoming hard to find a true red. But that day I wasn’t even looking for red, I was on another brown kick, I have been like this for the past summer.

Leather Pants & Chain Drape Top
Leather Pants & Chain Drape Top

I picked up a pair of their leather pants in brown, and a friend sent me their gold chain drape top,  I found them to be well done for their prices, and wished horribly they had come on more layers, but couldn’t really complain as the leather pants came with prim pant legs that I liked.  I loved the texture on the front of the leather pants, and that is what made me buy them, I was a little dismayed after purchase regarding the pockets on the back.  The displays instore didn’t really showcase the way the pockets were done, but I still love them for their front texture.   I accessorized with Slink‘s Wood and Turquoise jewelry set, Insolence’s Elise shoes in brown varnish, and the Cafe hair by Analog Dog specially created for and named after the members of Fashion Consolidated Cafe group a recent offering at Hair Fair 2008, and Adam n Eve’s Persephone skin.

Leather Pant  -back pocket & prim pant legs
Leather Pant -back pocket & prim pant legs

If you hurry you might still be able to catch some of their items set out as gifts.  Last week i was able to pick up the Slinky Gloss shirt in 6 colors, a pair of shorts, and a striped black and navy shirt.

Slinky Gloss Shirt - Set of Six - Free Gift instore
Slinky Gloss Shirt - Set of Six - Free Gift instore

You can also click here to check out the designers flickr stream to see what other goodies she’s got there.  I especially was interested in this dress, and hope to go back and snag it.   Tp’s to various store locations at Horns of Hattin sim, and Amat.

Adam n Eve – Gratis/Jura

Adam N Eve recently released two cute dresses.  Ok not exactly CUTE..one is dead sexy, and the other a slick affair.  Both dresses are well put together, feature multiple layer options, and multiple skirt options.  We LOVE that!

Adam n Eves Gratis in Black
Adam n Eve's Gratis in Black

Gratis is so sexy its unreal.  Sexy formal wear, club wear, or even lingerie and a suit.  I have to try out gratis alone with other items to see how this can work into my wardrobe, I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me to do this BEFORE blogging, but I was too excited I suppose.  Gratis is a sexy cut and looks amazing on the body emphasizing a whole side of your body that will make your love interests eyes pop out.  Serious wolf whistles with this one.  The texture creates a cool effect, so it simply doesn’t look like its painted on, giving it more depth.  Available in six colors.

Adam n Eves Jura dress
Adam n Eve's Jura dress

Jura is available in six colors, all nice a bright.  I like this one this apple green is vivid and sleekespecially against the silver detail and trim work. I am already hunting down a variety of items to mix and match with this, as well as hunting through my inventory for more.  Included are multiple layer options for the bodice including the one middle and far right designed for wearing with pants.  I wore it with the tomato skirt prim, as I liked the way the line of trim looked as it went across my hips.   Both the Tomato skirt (middle) and the flexi prim skirt (left) are included to give you more options.   It’s located currently on the same display as the Gratis but behind it.

Click here for a tp to both.

Both dresses shown with MMSkins Hair-Magdalena in Ginger (gift), and Adam n Eve SkinPersephone t3 – Make up Purr.  Jura shown with Celestial Studios jeans-Ultra Light.

Digit Darkes – Sasy Reflections

I love Digit Darkes!  Design wise shes funky, cool, chic, and always classy.  Her last two releases the Sasy Set, and her very latest Reflections dress show you her design range so well.  She’s a wiz at putting together vibrant colors and prints to really get you a wow factor when dressing.  She’s not shy and all and brought out her inner “Sasy” with this release.  Its a nice contemporary look with good lines.  The Reflections dress is an example of her finest work.  The color palette she chose for the dresses is muted to a degree with vibrant bits of color here and there.  It made choosing a dress very difficult, as when i got my ads from the Subscribe-O-Matic I was torn as each picture rezzed as amazing as the first.

Reflections in Harvest by Digit Darkes
Reflections in Harvest by Digit Darkes

Shown here is Reflections in Harvest.  A mix of purples, blues, and silver.  The bodice is a complementary cut, with a show off back.  The flexi skirt is well made with the fluidity we like to see in gowns,  it retains its form well when moving.  The dress has this hot peek-a-boo slit, that doesn’t deliver a bit a leg every time, but does leave a person waiting for that next glimpse.   Very sexy effect, specially if you know any leg-men. ;P   Digit hasn’t posted it on her blog yet but check back regulary to see the range of colors it comes in, or TP to Digit Darkes on the Addictive sim.

Digit Darkes- Sasy Corset sets in Daisy and Fall
Digit Darkes- Sasy Corset sets in Daisy and Fall

She recently released the Sasy Corset sets, which come with 2 corsets, a belt, and pant with prim legs.   Her prim pant legs are well done, nice and crisp looking and easy to mod.

Digit Darkes - Sasy Corset Variations
Digit Darkes - Sasy Corset Variations

The corsets are fun to play with, they come in two colors per set, long and short variations of both, and all on all layers so you can really get some use out of these when you work them into your exhisting wardrobe.  The prim belt is cute and comes in two color varations, and I found it easy to fit.  As you know with Digits work they are well constructed, and the seam work is great.  She released these in a variety of colors, I have shown here the Daisy and Fall set, to see the others click here. I am totally loving those grey pants.  I can’t wait to mix these into my wardrobe.  Tp to Digit Darkes on the Addictive sim click here.

Shown with Digit Darkes’s Sasy Corset sets are Adam n Eve’s Persphone Skin, and Babii pumps, Analog Dog’s Minna hair in Blonde, Earthtones’ Chakra jewelry set, and an awsome set of bangles from Zaara.

Slink – Isabelle Skin – New Release

If you have been over to Slink, you know Siddean Munro is hard at work creating beautiful clothes, hair, shoes, and jewelry.  Her skin lines in the past have been very kind to those who hunt down the barest of makeups.  Those who have been waiting for a little more makeup options can finally have their wish today.  Siddean is releasing the latest in her Isabelle line!  Today, Saturday, September 13th, 2008 at 3pm she’s having a fashion show, and doing her release of her Isabelle and Christopher lines at 4pm!  Best of all for you deal hunters out there is she’s putting out a special promo skin available for FREE for one hour at her show, after that $50L at her store until Sunday at 12pm slt. Click here for more info.

I know she has always done a great job with bare faces, fresh dewy looks, etc.  So I was very interested in seeing what she would do with the new line.  As you would expect if you are already familiar with her Isabelle skin, is all over goodness.  She pays attention to details, from the cute mole by the belly button, abs, and very good attention to the derierre.  No smudging, no smears, no seams.  But this lines got freckles!  FRECKLES!  I love them! As a freckled person I am quite happy with the job she did on them they are cute!   Isabelle is a lovely line, and addition to your skin collection.

I was quite miffed today, to find that despite several attempts, photoshop and flickr refused to allow me to post these photos at the size I had intended to showcase the variety of make up. I swear its always something.  So I suppose you are just going to have to get over there to the fashion show, and her store later to grab demos to really get a good look at them.  I photographed each with no lashes worn, showing one skin from each set at the bottom with a side by side comparision of a skin with and without lashes.  I am also wearing ETD’s Anisa hair in Espresso, Tesla’s Shiny Felicity Heel in Red, Bazy! eyes in grey steel, Last Call’s Cannes Bikini in Red & White (no longer available-store closed),

Paper Moon

Bright and early this morning, about my second sip of my first cup of coffee, I came across Paper Moon on the Whats New feed.   I had to have it, so badly that I logged on straight away and went off to find it.  But just like in SL it helps to rez before walking in RL, so it took me some time to work out that there wasn’t at a store named Paper Moon, it was at BareRose–Bonus!    BareRose is a favorite with everyone, featuring a wide variety of items, suiting a wide audience fashion wise, and all at deal of the century prices, while retaining quality even though they release at incredible speed.

BareRose – Paper Moon

Paper Moon is a well thought out dress, with sculpted skirt draped this way and that, feature beautiful lilies.  Featuring matching accessories that suit it perfectly, its a dream to wear.  June Dion even included a lovely framed photo for your home, and says the entire outfit was inspired by Nat King Cole‘s version of It’s Only a Paper Moon.

Skin: Adam n Eve – Persephone – T3 – Make up Creme; Hair: Maitreya – Yasmin – Beach Blond

Click here for teleports: Adam n Eve BareRose Maitreya

Said it is only a paper moon
Sailing over a cardboard sea,
But it wouldn’t be make believe
If you believed in me.

Say it is only a canvas sky
Hanging over a muslin tree,
But it wouldn’t be make believe
If you believed in me…

At last…Fall…lol..almost

Labor Day for Americans is when we typically start our autumn season,  even though its not officially fall for another few weeks, we are already mentally there.  I have been ready since last fall for this fall.   Autumn is a fun season fashion wise, out come layers, rich tones, and amazing textures.  Knits, Leather, Suedes are all suited to the tones we look for in fall despite whatever fashion maven or guru declares is the in color for fall.  One look I love for autumn are boots, or well heeled shoes, paired with jeans, and something to wrap up in either a sweater, a sweater coat, or favorite jacket.   I went rummaging around in my closet, and across the grid to pull together the following outfits.

Fall Outfit 001

All inspired by some of my favs and some new items.  Maitreya‘s Jade with its woolen cap a new release available currently at Hair Fair 2008, while I’m not a hat person, and never purchased any hat with hair before-this one sold me.   It’s so soft, and I love the color changeable option I get with it.  I wish a few more colors were there, but its a nice spectrum on its own, and I am happy it doesn’t rely on the same tinting method other items use, as unless my atmospheric shaders are on I can’t see tints.  (don’t ask I think I voted on a jira)  The Gypsy Coat is by Truth, and will probably be discontinued soon.  He’s having a huge sale, so go grab some hair which some styles will be also discontinued, and this coat, which is shown here in Cherry and is available in four colors.  It’s main jacket component is on the jacket layer, with a prim skirt, and prim belt, hood, and cuffs.  Thanks to layering options from Last Call (no longer in business), I was able to wear one of my favorite shirts from Veronica on the shirt layer, with lower half on the underwear layer.   Worn with Celestial Studios Cords in Tan, tight fit, with skinny prim legs, they went perfect with my Maitreya Bloom Boots in Brown, without the calf prims.  A finishing touch to this fall outfit is ETD’s Everyday Tote in Brown, worn on the shoulder.  I love this tote as much as Celestial Studios Hobo bags.  Whats awesome about both is the anims that come with them, and in particular ETD’s is a torrid ao, so you can even turn off your ao and just use the bags…no more whacking people upside the head…or yourself for that matter.


Adam n Eve‘s Skin – Persephone t3 – Make up Creme gives a nice dewy look, I wore MMSkins– Thora Lashes, but modded to allow for the SL’s glitch with transparencies, to work with the hair.  A nice trick is to make a copy of your lashes,  then move the lash set that overlaps your hair IF the style doesn’t show any lash, into your skull completely hiding it, then rename the lash at the end with Modded-Left Side Only or Modded – Right Side Only.  You can do this will all your mod lashes and store copies of them in the folders with the hair you own that drape across eyes, its a nice trick to know.

Fall Outfit 002

Again here you can see I have a sweater, jean outfit going.  I am wearing Phaylen Fairchild’s (Diva Designs) Aurelia Gray Sweater from last fall’s Sweater Collection with sculpted collar, prim cuffs, and you have to scream with glee that it is still available.  Its a short shirt layer sweater, so I wore it with Leagues Wide belt – lower to prevent any skin from showing.   Celestial Studio‘s Jeans again in the tight fit, with skinny leg prims, and Maitreya’s Bloom boots in Purple, no calf prims, yes that’s ETD’s Everyday Tote again,  sorry but I am obsessing here indulge me.  ;P


Adam n Eve
Celestial Studio
Phaylen Fairchild (Diva Designs)

Hair Fair 2008