Nita Charron in Fashion Emergency first told me about GoodLook.   She told me they had a set of six free shirts out, so I tp’d over to check them out and see what else they had, and I am so glad she did.  This store is a real find.  They design men’s and women’s clothes, and some people will be happy to know they are transferable too, though they are limited in layer options.  Still, they are a boutique sized store with a good selection for both sexes, sexy and stylish cuts, with a good palette, although it would have been great to find they offered more items in a true red.  What is up with people lately doing muted reds, or reds that run purpley.  I would think that the standard colors I would make after I made an outfit in the first inspired design would be white, black, and red.  But lately its becoming hard to find a true red. But that day I wasn’t even looking for red, I was on another brown kick, I have been like this for the past summer.

Leather Pants & Chain Drape Top
Leather Pants & Chain Drape Top

I picked up a pair of their leather pants in brown, and a friend sent me their gold chain drape top,  I found them to be well done for their prices, and wished horribly they had come on more layers, but couldn’t really complain as the leather pants came with prim pant legs that I liked.  I loved the texture on the front of the leather pants, and that is what made me buy them, I was a little dismayed after purchase regarding the pockets on the back.  The displays instore didn’t really showcase the way the pockets were done, but I still love them for their front texture.   I accessorized with Slink‘s Wood and Turquoise jewelry set, Insolence’s Elise shoes in brown varnish, and the Cafe hair by Analog Dog specially created for and named after the members of Fashion Consolidated Cafe group a recent offering at Hair Fair 2008, and Adam n Eve’s Persephone skin.

Leather Pant  -back pocket & prim pant legs
Leather Pant -back pocket & prim pant legs

If you hurry you might still be able to catch some of their items set out as gifts.  Last week i was able to pick up the Slinky Gloss shirt in 6 colors, a pair of shorts, and a striped black and navy shirt.

Slinky Gloss Shirt - Set of Six - Free Gift instore
Slinky Gloss Shirt - Set of Six - Free Gift instore

You can also click here to check out the designers flickr stream to see what other goodies she’s got there.  I especially was interested in this dress, and hope to go back and snag it.   Tp’s to various store locations at Horns of Hattin sim, and Amat.

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