Pop Feel * House of Heart

Pop Feel is a Japanese store I like to frequent.  I hadn’t been there in a while, and was surprised to find they have a Main Store now incorporating all their designs.  In the past the designer has maintained two somewhat main stores, one with western casual items, and the other with items that its hard to describe other then a contemporary fusion of Japanese traditional wear.   I grabbed a set and took off to wear it so fast, I forgot to buy the other two variations of it, and now get to go back…hmmm, maybe I subconsciously planned that.

Pop Feel & House of Heart
Pop Feel & House of Heart

This sweater set is called Lattice Handle Vest Suit1 Set perfect for fall, and I took off to the Bantam Dell Book Store in it as it made me reminisce about campus book stores, cafes, and coffee.  The bottom of the Sweater Bodice is a prim that adds some depth, and the oh so cute shorts come with prim short legs adding to the effect.  Tights are included.  For me the prims fit perfectly with a minor lengthening of the bodice prim, super easy to do, and I simply lowered my short prims a teensy bit.  They are very simple prims and its always fun to see what someone else can do to a wearable prim without making it sculpty.

House of Heart - Fairytale - Bitter Chocolate
House of Heart - Fairytale - Bitter Chocolate

I thought House of Heart‘s FairyTale hair in Bitter Chocolate with the cute bow in the back (color changeable) set it off to perfection, with my Armidi Gisaci Oxford Leather Ankle Boot in Persian Red, and my Fleur Vivant Bronze skin Paon (Group Gift).  The set is available as separates on the main wall of the store, but I found since I was going to buy them to wear together initially I got a savings buying them as a set in the display at the front of the store.

House of Hearts Miranda
House of Heart's Miranda

House of Heart had some really cute curly do’s.   I don’t know what it is about curls and guys, but its the same thing as freckles and guys… they go nuts for them..So its a good thing I like these or Gary and I would be having some words for sure.  Both the Fairytale and the Miranda are curly and bouncy,  well put together they could dress up or remain causal and I love items that do that.  Miranda is shown with Adam n Eve‘s Faux Fur coat in Dark Brown, and SLink‘s Isabelle Skin Sunkissed Makeup 6.

House of Hearts Amber
House of Heart's Amber

The Amber is a midlength and straight and tested my powers of hair editing to the limit.  I have gotten very used to throwing on a hair, and doing minor adjustments via Edit Linked Parts,  I rarely stretch an entire hair anymore, and this style caused my big ole head to stick out the back, but in the end all the editing (took forever cause I hate stretching hair-pfft user error) paid off for this chic look.  Shown with  Artilleri‘s Kats Coat in Maroon, and Belleza skin Ange Dore NS Honey Brown.

Teleports to mentioned stores:  Adam N Eve Armidi Artilleri Belleza Fleur SLink

House of Heart

Pop Feel (Main Store)

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