Fall Looks

I love sweater dresses, and wrap dresses, and v-neck lines, so I am over the moon with some new releases, and pulled out some things I already owned to see how well they will all work together in my fall wardrobe.   Most recently PixelDolls, Adam n Eve, and Novocaine have released dresses along these lines, some favorites I already owned are from Vitamin Ci, Karamia, and Icing, and I just discovered So Many Styles.   I can’t wait to pull together some more accessories and some handbags to complete these looks,  I so regret having not picked up the fatpacks of Maitreya Dune boots too thus far. After photographing all of these, it became quite clear I really need to stock up more on tights, and stockings, and boots-I am a firm believer in you can never have enough boots.  But I discovered my latest item to obsess over and wear until the pixels fade, a pair of freebie stockings from Sheer-the wrinkled ones.

PixelDolls - New Release
PixelDolls - New Release

Can I gush enough about the wrinkled stockings from Sheer? PixelDolls has a number of dresses they have released recently that are stylish, Cashmere shown in Moss, and Cozy shown in Crimson.  Hair by PixelSalon, located at PixelDolls is Melora which comes with a colorchangable Hud, and other Color Huds are available for $100 each separately.  I’m also wearing JayWalk’s Liah Boots in Onyx.   Tights and stockings from Sheer, and G.L.A.M, both free gifts instore.  The G.L.A.M tights are tintable, and the store is also known as VG Republic.    Teleports:  PixelDolls G.L.A.M Sheer JayWalk

Adam n Eves Clement Sweater Dresses
Adam n Eve's Clement Sweater Dresses

Adam n Eve just released the Clement Sweater Dresses, shown here in Teal and Red.   The teal dress is shown with PixelSalon’s Apollonia hair (color hud), Paper Couture Tights (free store gift), and Maitreya’s Bloom Boots in White.  The red dress is shown with PixelSalon’s Melora hair, Sheer’s Zebra stockings (free gift), and Gracile’s City Girl boots, which are color/texture changeable shown in White Snakeskin.      Teleports:  Adam n Eve PixelSalon Maitreya Sheer Gracile

So Many Styles dresses
So Many Styles' dresses

So Many Styles was a fun find this week, I went on a hunt for sweater and wrap dresses and found this in search, so shame on me for not reading all my Fashion Consolidated notices as they are a vendor.  The Sweater Dress in Blue is shown with PixelSalon’s Apollonia hair, with G.L.A.M’s tights, and Gracile’s City Girl boots.  The Sporty Dress in black I wasn’t initially going to blog, and thought I would have to contact the owner, as there is a slightest of gaps at the seams where the shirt meets the pant at the waist.  After going over all the items I purchased at So Many Styles, I mentioned it to another designer who told me about a current Second Life glitch that will make this happen.  She recommended waiting a bit and checking it again, and showed me on her designs this was happening occasionally but it stops after awhile.  So Many Styles appears to be well constructed, as you can see they do nice shadow and highlights so they really do know what they are doing, after careful consideration, I am choosing to accept based on the quality of their pieces that this is the glitch not the designers fault.  But since I am blogging it I do want people to be aware if they see this at this store or elsewhere to consider the designers work before rushing to send notecards for fixes. I would recommend this store to anyone, they have a lot of great clothes, and even some cool African turbans if you have been hunting for them.  The Sporty Dress in black features lovely prim sleeves, I love the stripes going down them, and the contrast around the hems.  It was hard not to buy the fatpack, but alas lindens no longer grow on trees for some of us.  Shown with PixelSalon hair and Gracile Boots already mentioned.        Teleports:  So Many Styles G.L.A.M. PixelSalon Gracile

Vitamin Ci & Novocaine
Vitamin Ci & Novocaine

New release from Novocaine on the right is the Genevieve Long Sweater in honey, they released a number of colors, and this with its prim sleeves, skirt, and most especially the color changeable belt make it worthy purchase.  Shown with PixelSalon hair, G.L.A.M. tights, and JayWalk’s Liah Boot in Mahogany.   On the left is Vitamin Ci‘s Terry in brown,  no glitch pants with this so pair it with some fun panties, borrow another items glitch pants, or make your own.  Also shown with G.L.A.M tights, PixelSalon hair, and Adam n Eve’s Skai boots in Chocolate.   Teleports: Adam n Eve PixelSalon G.L.A.M JayWalk Novocaine Vitamin Ci

Icing & Karamia
Icing & Karamia

Two chic dresses from Icing and Karamia!  Icing’s Pinstripe Princess (can’t beleive I almost bought this twice-I liked it so much when I saw it I forgot I owned it already, I swear you HAVE to shop with your inventory open) shown with PixelSalon hair, and Gracile City Girl boots this time in Red.  Karamia’s wrap dress is a long standing favorite of mine, featuring lots of primwork, and I desperately have craved in a million other colors too, but alas it only comes in black.  Shown with the stockings it comes with, and JayWalk’s Liah boots in Onyx.  Teleports:  Icing Karamia PixelSalon JayWalk

What I really liked about the majority of these dresses is that they came with the bodices on multiple layers so you can wear them with coats, and jackets, they all had great prim parts.  All skin shown here is Adam n Eve Skin – Persephone t3 – Make up Purr.  Available at Adam n Eve.

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