Magic of Oz (MOO) Sim Grand Opening & Hunt

Candy Cerveau and Malkavyn Eldritch (power couple & SL Giant) and designers for Eye Candy, and Treasured Visions, have created a wonderful new themed sim Magic of Oz.   Today was the first day of the Grand Opening event, and was fun!  I have been frequenting the sim for a couple of weeks now, with stress tests, and other fun stuff.  For those who love Second Life photography and exploring this is not a sim to miss!  Check out some pictures before I hit you with the amazing schedule of events this weekend.

ZOMG!  Witches Castle meets Steampunk...ima faint!
ZOMG! Witches Castle meets Steampunk...I'm gonna faint!

Yes, steampunk, I know you probably don’t think of steampunk when you think of Wizard of Oz, and probably still have images from the movie with Judy Garland stuck in your head but..THINK! You will definately want to install some of Torley Linden’s Windlight Presets before you go…Click here.

Shopping riverside in Munchkin Land
Shopping riverside in Munchkinland

Magic is indeed a good descriptor for this sim, the colors, the lights, the curves, all of it superior quality with amazing things to see.  I have had access to this sim for 2 weeks, and I tell you I have been all over it, and always found something new that I didn’t notice before.  There is so much here (besides the shopping) you will find yourself coming back to see more, and I am only showing you a portion.  If you come to explore, its hard to stay on the yellow brick road, you have been warned, you know you shouldn’t leave the path…but here you should… more after the cut. (please let the feed do the cut)

Bell Tower...strayed from the yellow brick road.
Bell Tower...strayed from the yellow brick road.

Further staying off-road brings you to the cornfield, and even the poppy field outside of Emerald City.

Sweet Dreams
Sweet Dreams

This weekends Grand Opening is full of awesome events that are so plentiful I am gonna copy and paste them from Candy and Malk, cause I wanna get back to the hunt…yes I said hunt and WOW what fun, not to mention all the parties this weekend here too! Click here for more photo from Magic of Oz’s Flickr group

The Magic of Oz is opening to the public TODAY at 9am SLT!

We’ve got a ton of things going on for the sim opening Friday and Saturday. An Epic Hunt – Find the Slippers Hunt has some extraordinary EXCLUSIVE prizes from designers like Silent Sparrow, Miriel, Schadenfreude, Long Awkward Pose, The Stringer Mausoleum, Juicy, MnM Design, Designs of Darkness, and the list goes on and on! Follow the Yellow Brick Road at 9AM SLT today! The hunt runs all weekend long 🙂

A CLARIFICATION on the hunt! There are TWO types of hunt items – ruby slippers, which spawn RANDOMLY around the sim. Touch them to receive the prize. They will disappear and come back in another place on the sim. There are also green slippers that will be permanently placed around the sim. Those you need to RIGHT CLICK and buy to receive the prize. IM Candy Cerveau or Malkavyn Eldritch with any questions 🙂

Katat0nik has an exclusive Dorothy dress at her location at Magic of Oz, Violet Voltaire has marked her Lollipop Guild jewelry sets at half off, and Risusipo Jun, a fantastic Japanese designer has a Special Edition Wizard of Oz chipmunk hat that will blow you away! You can win it at the gumball machine in the Town Center of Munchkin Land, just $10L and each time you get an adorable chipmunk!

Our other vendors are Sn@tch, JD Mechanical Toy Factory, Treasured Visions, Eye Candy, Draconic Kiss, The Laughing Academy, KO Designs, and more…

Tonight we have a Wicked party at the Witch’s Castle with a Spooky/Goth theme with DJ December Dollinger from 6-9 SLT. Come dressed like you belong with the Flying Monkeys, mwahahaha! Prizes for Creepiest Outfit and Best Witch!

Saturday the hunt continues all day and then at 6 pm SLT meet us at the Emerald City for a Masquerade Ball! The Theme is the Sim itself, so come Green and Sparkly, Dark and Spooky, or Bright and Colorful! Wear masks for prizes! Prizes given for Best Costume – Male and Female.

Sunday we still have the hunt all day – and Sunday night at 6 pm SLT is the Dead Wizard party, because your gracious hosts will probably be nearly dead by that point 😉 Come in your fashionable best, or a potato sack, we don’t care! More free gifts randomly distributed – and a special surprise event at 7 SLT!

Here’s a checklist of the hunt items:

[LAP] – Magic of Oz – Poses Inspired by the Sim #1
[LAP] – Magic of Oz – Poses Inspired by the Sim #2
[LAP] – Magic of Oz – Poses Inspired by the Sim #3

The Stringer Mausoleum gift #1
The Stringer Mausoleum gift #2
The Stringer Mausoleum gift #3

Schadenfreude Down the yellow brick road
Schadenfreude Oz earrings
Schadenfreude Green Spectacles (copper)
Schadenfreude Green Spectacles (gold)
Schadenfreude Green Spectacles (silver)

~silentsparrow~ (oz) swimmy fishie (wear me)
~silentsparrow~ Gift#1 Luxe Corset and Mania Vest

~EC~ Magic of Oz Exclusive Bracelet
~EC~ Magic of Oz Exclusive Choker
~EC~ Magic of Oz Exclusive Ring

~JD~ MTF Shoulder Buddy Swamp Tree
~JD~ MTF Sitting Scarecrow
~JD~ MTF Sitting Flying Monkey

Witch’s Castle by Malkavyn [small]
Witch’s Castle by Malkavyn [large]
Munchkin Land by Malkavyn [small]
Munchkin Land by Malkavyn [large]
Emerald City by Malkavyn [large]
Emerald City by Malkavyn [small]

(Miriel) Bird of Paradise Headdress – Gold/White/Morganite

JUICY { Chunky Red Magnolia Bracelet }

TP here

I was using my Personal Shopping Assistant to SHOP..I swear!
I was using my Personal Shopping Assistant wand to SHOP..I swear!

Um..yeah..better have those wands (Personal Shopping Assistant hud and wand courtesy of Rand Charleville) out to shop, and not shop for hunt items ( doesn’t work on this one, neither does slurling, etc) A Serious Hunt!    But at least you will enjoy your surroundings, just don’t stop to smell the poppies or zzzzzzzzz…you’ll wake up on Monday without scoring even one red slipper.

:p See ya there!, if the monkeys let go.


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